50 Cent and Ciara FEUD on TWITTER!?

50 Cent allegedly busted a ego reducing shot at Ciara on Twitter yesterday!

Last night, 50 Cent asked his Twitter followers to get at him if they want to have him as their Pimp. Of course lots of his female fans replied trying to get some dirty talk on with 50 Cent… He likes to have fun on Twitter and replied to people calling everybody “B*tch”. Ciara seemed to take this as an insult allegedly.

Ciara tweeted the following message allegedly directed at 50 Cent: “The things people tweet say a lot about their character, pay attention!:)”

50 Cent replied to Ciara’s tweet allegedly directed towards him: “Yea I tweet things that reflect my character b*tch. I have a sense of humor get one.lol that’s why your 3 mill followers behind me.”

Ciara tweet to 50 Cent

50 Cent tweet to Ciara

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Ciara responded to 50 Cent’s harsh reality tweet diss by tweeting another message of her own:

“ooohh, tell em why u mad b!”

ciara tweet to 50 cent

Men Lie… Woman Lie… the numbers don’t ….

50 Cent twitter page

Ciara Twitter page

50 Cent used to follow 28 people until yesterday, one of them was Ciara. That number went down to 27… Can you guess who was removed?


  1. tre says

    u think i wear a suit and tie and clean up nice!!!!!Have me act like the old me.50- is the shiznit!!!!!!! ciera shhhhhh! pls for ur own sake.

  2. tosha says

    50 sensitive on a simply comment Ciara is not a B#tch he’s wrong for callin her one. definitely tension between the 2 what man braggs about how many twitters followers he has and unfollowers the girl over something so simply. Classic move Ciara let him No “Queen Latifah’s U.NI.T.Y.” its obviously 50 hurt this girl so don’t try making her feel low. Ciara move on from this clown your to beautiful for this messy of a man.


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