Floyd Mayweather vs Shantel Jackson! (#WCW Photo DISS)

Floyd Mayweather posted the following photo dissing his ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson for #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday).

Miss Jackson quickly jabbed back at the champ with the following statement:

What woman doesn’t have a day like this. This reason why I left!!! It’s been a year now. Don’t you have a fight coming up.

miss jackson vs floyd mayweather Floyd Mayweather vs Shantel Jackson! (#WCW Photo DISS)

Early this week, Shantel Jackson’s rep confirmed their relationship was over and she’s finally moving on with her life.

Mayweather and Jackson were together for at least 4 years … with Floyd proposing with a $10 million diamond ring back in 2013.

“Miss Jackson has moved on with her life from Floyd and is saddened that she has had to deal with many problematic and dramatic situations from the media since their break up.”