Baby Advice From A Gay Man, Is He Hiding Something?!?! [Ask Diva]

Ask Diva Picture on HipHopStanDear Diva,

I need to know if my man is a homo?? We just got married 2 years ago and I just had his baby about 2 weeks ago. He owns a bar and he works there on some nights, I decided to stop by the other night since his mom came over to watch the baby. When I walked in his office he is talking to some gay guy about parenting. This guy allegedly is giving advice on how to be a good parent, wtf. It is not like they were talking for 10 minutes I was told this guy has been in his office for over an hour. What could he be telling him about raising a kid when he wasn’t raised correctly?


Baby Momma Drama

Dear Baby Momma Drama

Ohhhhh aren’t you harsh. Tisk on you, just cause someone is gay does not mean they were not raised properly. Keep talking crazy ur baby might end up gay. Anyhow…maybe your man needed someone to talk to maybe he needed another woman to talk to about kids and that guy might be the closest thing to a women that will talk about raising kids. I’m still wondering why were they in there for an hour if your man is at his place of business. He obviously wasn’t attending to his business then who was??? Oh I think we both know who was, lol. Ok diva I’m joking calm your crazy a$$ hormones down a little. Just because this man is gay does not mean he can’t hold a looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg interesting conversation with another man. Hell he might have been giving him advice based on a man’s and a woman’s perspective. Let’s be honest a gay man is lucky to be a man and act like a woman. Back to your question, your man might just be a nice guy and let this guy ramble on and felt bad telling him he had to go; for your sake lets just hope your hubby is not too nice. Look if it bothers you that much why don’t you tell your man? That is the whole point of marriage, trust and understanding. There is no reason in this world why you shouldn’t go up to your man and say “Hey why were you and so so in your office so f–king long, I want details and a legit explanation asap”. Diva in a situation like this lets not cut corners or sweet talk sh*t, get to down to the point.



P.S. Don’t go cutting any body parts off… 😉


  1. Joanna says

    I don’t understand either why the sexual orientation make a person a bad parent? It’s not a problem to be gay or black or fat…’s a person decision and we should respect it. And it’s not wrong to talk to a gay men especially if you’re not talking about sex.
    A pool on the top rated gay sites showed that over 50% of the users are raising or have raised kids. That should mean their kids are not raised properly? Wrongggg

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