Basketball Wives: Shaunie O’Neal Cancels Meeka Claxton’s Contract! [Video]

Meeka Claxton vs Shaune O'Neal picture
Don’t look for Meeka Claxton returning to Basketball Wives next season! Shaunie O’Neal reveals Meeka Claxton’s contract isn’t being renewed for another season — she’s done! This shouldn’t be a surprise tho… we all saw this coming!

Poor Meeka… she tried all season to fit in with the other ladies. smh.


  1. Tightlipped says

    Meeka could have done so much more! smh, never really spoke up for herself properly….she had a good leg to stand on, but she just never did.


    and let them all look stupid. what also frutrating is that Tammi DID call the grils phony and coverd it up saying she said “popular” and that was a LIE. AGAIN meeks should have said Tammi, someone only asked you twice they didnt have to ask you 30 times and you lied about your “circle’s” character

    Meeka coulda worked that show but by her being an outsider and not quick enough on her tongue game, she didnt have a chance

  2. Juanita says

    I agree with Tightlipped. Meeka doesn’t have the right personality for this b.s. Tami’s hates for Meeka is beyond normal. I think she felt threaten by Meeka and went out of her way to expose Meeka as a liar to secured her spot in that lame a$$ circle. Tami still have a slave mentality of I rather be in the house than out in the fields. I have lost respect for Tami and look at her with a side-eye. She proclaims she keeps it real but have lied on several occasions. She lied about calling the mean girls fake and phony. On the reunion show, she lied and said she was never going to sue Evil-Lyn regard the non muthaf*cking factor T-Shirts. Tami talks ish about people behind their backs too. If Meeka was thirsty, Tami was hungry to be on the show. It’s rumored that Tami Roman net worth is 500K while Meeka is 5 Mil. I think Tami in some ways is jealous of Meeka and can’t believe this dark skinned female have the life that she wants. BBW is messy and like a car accident, I can just look away. I wish Meeka would have more of a backbone. She let a lot of these women clown her including diarrhea of the mouth Suzie. I give Meeka props for never using profanity and never calling the girls not women out of their name. When Evil-lyn said. Bish, you’re not in the circle. I wish Meeka would have said. Bish, you have never been a BB wife and couldn’t seal the deal after 10 years. P.I.M.P. Shaunie used Meeka for ratings and then gave her the boot. Shaunie really disappointed me how she stood idle as she allowed Meeka to be ostracized, ridiculed and assaulted (well, not so much the last part because I can understand Shaunie her not wanting to get hit) during their trip to Rome. Granted Meeka made poor decisions throughout the season by being thirsty to gain acceptance into the ‘popular girls’ click by any means necessary, but I really felt for her during their trip to Rome. Granted Meeka made poor decisions throughout the season by being thirsty to gain acceptance into the ‘popular girls’ click by any means necessary, but I really felt for her during the trip.

  3. tee tee says

    Tami is really jealous of Mika. Tami is miserable and lonel. Mika is successful and married. Tami has an issue with dark skinned women. Jennifer knows it.

    • says

      knock it off… Tami has no reason to be “jealous” of Meeka.

      If Meeka was so well-off… she wouldn’t be on the show making only a few thousand bucks per episode.

      • T. says

        Lots of people go on reality shows some our rich and some are not. Meeka was messy at the beginning but she had beefwith Royce and they worked out their differences. Tami had nothing to do with it but she wanted to continue the drama and make herself be relevant. She’s ghetto and a bully.

  4. Q. says

    Meeka said. She went on the show to show the positve side of an BBW.

  5. ishuz702 says

    what opp said

  6. Diggs says

    People go on reality shows for lots of reasons mainly for fame and money.

  7. says

    Funny how Shaunie made the decision to boot the most lady-like one. Tami lying fake ass need to go with all those lies and that drama. Hell cancel the entire cast because they wee stupid enough to believe Tami over Meeka. Tami is too old to be acting like a pubescent brat and she also needs to get herself together. She is the only one looking cheap and tacky when the ladies step out at night…And Jennifer although I think you have the gorgeous eyes..grow a backbone!


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