Update: YIKES!! Beyonce’s Prosthetic Baby Bump Folds and Collapses! [Video]

Jay-Z holding Beyonce's belly picture

We’ve been waiting for Beyonce to get pregnant since the summer of 2002. So, how did Beyonce succeed in concealing her pregnancy from the obsessed media and fans for an entire three months!

Beyonce faking her Pregnancy

There’s already speculation Beyonce faked her baby bump; Could Beyonce be faking her ENTIRE PREGNANCY?!

A conspiracy theorist tells exclusively, why Beyonce would want to pull off a task such as faking her pregnancy to the WORLD!

Dear HHS,
Here’s my thorough analysis on this whole, “I’m revealing my pregnancy to the media at the MTV awards” fiasco.

Get ready to journey into the sorted thinking of a “industry” individual — only for the open-minded!


By looking at the picture of Beyonce with her bare “pregnant” belly out — pregnant women don’t have a six pack at 3 months! And her “pregnant belly” does not have the dark vertical line that appears on the abdomen during about three quarters of ALL pregnancies. It’s called the Linea nigra.

beyonce fake pregnant belly

Secondly, Jay-Z and Beyonce would NEVER admit anything openly to the media. We all know this. They believe their personal life should remain quiet and kept personal. Suddenly, she goes in front of paparazzi — place her hands on a swelling “belly” and announce, “I have a surprise!”

There have been instances in the past when Beyonce was reported as being pregnant simply because she didn’t re-up the dye on her roots!? Now ask yourself…  How did Beyonce, who is followed by paparazzi 24-7, manage to go THREE entire months without ANYONE even speculating that she was pregnant? SIMPLE. Because she’s NOT pregnant!

Now your asking, “Why?”

Beyonce has put off pregnancy for this long because of her career. She does not want to damage that body aka the BILLION dollar money maker with affects from a true pregnancy, i.e., the loose skin, the stretch marks, the weight gain, the hemorrhoids, the swollen feet, the darkened skin, a widened nose, and sleep deprivation!

Why would Beyonce do something like that? Because people are crazy! Especially, wealthy celebs with POWER who view babies as accessories. Jay-Z and Beyonce will reap benefits behind this world from selling the media on this pregnancy. Kim Kardashian’s wedding, The Royal Wedding, Osama’s death, and the Superbowl is small time compared to this.

So now your wondering, “How are they gonna pull this thing off?” HINT: think Brad and Angelina, think what Alicia and Swizz is considering… give up?! Duh… like every other wealthy Hollywood mega couple — there gonna adopt a baby from a foreign country! And they’ll pull it off because the sheep of these days believe ANYTHING and won’t question her fluctuating belly size.

Sooo when you see Beyonce’s perfect little cute bundle of joy that popped out a surrogate mom’s womb — then see Beyonce’s body magically return completely to its “pre-baby” status — Remember the conspiracy theorist told you first! This is America’s power couple who turned their relationship into a full blown big money business venture. We’re looking at entertainment’s first billion dollar power couple — they just put the missing piece in place.


The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of and its affiliates.

Update: The video below supports conspiracy theorist’s letter dated Sept. 8th, 2011.


  1. Tightlipped says

    Barbie, please tell Jay-Z……Ken IS the father of Beyonce’s baby

    • minglee_juki says

      lol very well said

      • summerlove says

        haha seems she bave birth to her child now, or is it a fake baby??? 😀 fool!

        • krisblahblah says

          I believe they used their own sperm and egg, just used a serrogate mother! Makes sense.

        • krisblahblah says

          AND..why do you think they would block the ENTIRE maternity ward off? It’s sufficient enough to have guards and a private suite. But…not if the person having the baby is a serrogate mother and they wanted to keep this private!

    • Daniella says


  2. mrz.Sinclair says

    Who ever thought of this stupid crap “she faked her pregnancy” needs to be slapped y would she show u her stomach if it wasnt real HELLO u forgot she a real person and everybody pregnancy is not the same so yall just need to get a life or a better one cause your theory is STUPID & WRONG sn: Idiots

    • Slowmo says

      Here’s My theory… Jay-Z And Beyonce Both Have Herpes…And On A Side Note: So does Rhianna Who Also Contracted It From Jay Z… Beyonce Did Not Want To Risk Infecting Her Child By Having A normal Birth… C-section Was Out Of Question Because She didnt Want To Cut…Stretch…distort Her Figure In Any Way…But Concealing The HERPES Factor Is The Root Of This Whole Media Mess… This Brings Us To The SURROGATE Option Which Was The Safer Option For Their Child….Ask Yourself Why Would Jay-Z Have The Whole Maternity ward Closed Off?….Answer: As So Many Have Speculated…So No One Would See The Surrogate Was The Only One Delivering That Day And Not Beyonce. When You Really Think About It This Is Most Likely The REAL Explanation For This Whole Crazy Fake Pregnancy Scam…-Slowmo

        • emilyvil says

          utterly nonsense

      • Trisha says

        Just wanted to clear up a misconception in your comment regarding Beyonce and JayZ closing off the maternity ward- This is VERY untrue. ONE news outlet reported this (and in their subsequent follow-up article corrected it) however within minutes of them reporting it a million other publications took the story and ran with it. They DID NOT CLOSE OFF THE ENTIRE MATERNITY WARD. This has been cleared up multiple times, and I can debunk it myself— because I work at Lenox Hill Hospital, where B delivered! They had a private maternity suite, which can be rented out (and often is, not just by celeb couples). The suite is very spacious and allows privacy. I have never heard of anyone renting out an entire floor and do not think it would be possible at ANY major hospital in the US, let alone Lenox Hill. This would put other patients in danger, as certain machines and facilities which could have an impact on a successful and healthy delivery, baby, and mother would be in jeopardy- not to mention the fact there wouldn’t be enough room to do this. You can’t just throw newborns and laboring moms into a random room. Maternity wards are located in precise parts of hospitals for several reasons, including distance from the ICU (can’t risk a newborn coming into contact with deadly bacteria some ICU patients may have) as well as security access/points, which have very specific and legal guidelines in the US to prevent kidnappings.

        Also, the “proof” in the article above is ludicrous. Talk about looking for something that isn’t there! As far as linea nigera, most mothers don’t develop them until the third trimester. And how can you possibly get a good look in a blurry photo like the above? And 6-packs are not on your SIDES, what you are seeing in the photo are RIB BONES, which the gaps in between are prominent based on the shadowing of the picture.

        In regards to herpes- MILLIONS of women with herpes deliver babies every year and it’s considered generally safe (risk of the baby catching it is less than 1% with a vaginal delivery!). This isn’t the dark ages- there are ways to easily control/prevent outbreaks during labor (which is the reason the baby could catch it, if there was an active outbreak). And unless you are B’s ob/gyn or secret lover, you have absolutely NO idea if she has herpes or not.

        Some of these commenters need to get a clue / life.

  3. Robert says

    First and foremost, congratulations to Jay Z & Kayne West on their new bundle of joy.
    • Her announcement on the award show was extremely tacky & ghetto, she actually fixed her wave and dropped the mic on the floor, what was that for?
    • Jay Z, reaction was very disrespectful, who was he saluting? His wife? And for what, actually going through with the fake baby bump?
    • She is a known liar, i.e. writing songs, producing beats, her age, & financial status growing up, so why wouldn’t she liar about being pregnant, especially when her albums sales were tanking.
    • If she is lying about how far along she is in months
    Now, the facts:
    • She at Roseland ten days before VMA awards and no one notices?
    • Since when Jay Z is so public with his personal life, has any one seen the wedding pictures yet?
    • Her albums sells were NOT doing good, you go from stadiums shows to Roseland, everyone knows Roseland is for has-beens and what better way to gracefully bow out of the music industry.
    • If she wears butt pads, why wouldn’t she wear a stomach pad!
    • Her career is based on the public image of her relationship,
    • An astounding number of rumors of Jay sexuality dating back to 1998 to the point of common fact that he sleeps with men.
    • She may just be as mentally disturb as Michael Jackson, is that why Jay keeps saying she is the next Michael Jackson because of the consist need for attention, skin bleaching, the wave wearing for 11 years straight, and I mean straight the beach, studio, etc.. I know one thing Michael Jacksons never did a ballroom concert, and if he did his last one was when he was 5 years old!!!!

    • says

      damn robert! did you send us the letter!???? lol

      • SHuGa says

        Agreed 101% Robert..Good to see Someone can see past the fake hair and nails and caked on makeup oh and fake butt pads..lmao to see the truth for what it really is. Now lets’ for a second say they really are adopting who would really care? I would think that would be an honorable thing to do oppose to lying about being pregnant in order for you to adopt. dam so sad that is the level they brought themselves to. But hey Her fame is running low. I’m not saying she’s bad She’s a great singer but even Greatness fades away into the darkness after some time. This is now becoming what one can call Desperation.

    • Layla says

      Robert, you are such a major ass hater. You have to be really stupid, or really rascits. Just because you’re jealous and a hater doesn’t mean you bash on people like Beyonce. What the hell has she ever done to say or put out thats she’s a lair or fake? Get a got damn life. Why don’t you take your jealous ass somewhere eles with all this bs. Maybe rihana or niciki minaj’s websites.

      • holly says

        trust sum1 to bring race into it! it not about wherther shes black or white you fu**in idiot.

      • says

        Thank you..! Lame ass hater @Robert!! and anyone who says she faked her pregnacy is just a jealous bitch…case closed..!

    • Bobbie von Cork says

      Finally! Some one with so sense! I think the whole charade was damned ridiculous, cant understand how some folks can’t see that the woman was never pregnant, Bey’s belly is not all that flat, she is always sucking in her gut. All she did in that bare bellied photo is stick out her stomach. Some person was saying something to the efect that a pregnant stomach can flatten and look like a frisbee, depending on whether it is a boy or girl. Come on use your head, the woman is faking it because they didn’t want the world to think they used a surrogate. I really did like her, but now she has lost all credibility with this deception.

  4. nessa says

    True, true, she already started lying about the baby age if she is pretending to be further along in the pregnacy!! She is a real mental basket case, and the rumors of his bi_sexuality is not far off I heard some real bugged out stories during the Big Pimping days, from a security guard I know I didn’t believe it then but I been hearing crazy stories from industry insiders, well sound crews. Hiding in Hip Hop is real!! But really there is something very strange here and whats really crazy the stans don’t see nothing wrong, well ingorance is bliss most of her fans are welfare recipients or the down trotted thats a fact, look at crowds at the shows they are young or busted

  5. Kaisha says

    Wow that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard yet. I’ve had two babies,myself, and didn’t have the line down my belly, no loose skin no stretch marks or widened nose and trust me when you’re pregnant you sleep A LOT!! I dint think they’d do something as ridiculous as what you’re claiming. On top of that you don’t start showing until the third or fourth month unless you’re super skinny or having more than one. Lol. My advice to you is chill-out and try tonlook at the brighter things in life rather than searching for the utterly sad and riculous possibilities that lead to unhappiness.

    • says

      even if yu didnt have the line of get fat NOONE and i mean NOONES pregnant belly bends like that so she isnt pregnant som one is probably having her baby are she is adopting cause noone baby bump can bend like that the fact of the matter is she is faking and she isnt faking how for along she is she is plan out faking and no matter what people got to say she aint pregnant cuz she dont wanna loose her body to have no baby!!

      • B says

        Kayla, What the hell did you just say? That was the longest run on sentence I’ve seen in a while, and your misspellings are making it difficult to understand you.
        Yes, your belly CAN “bend like that”. Especially when you work out alot, and your abs are trained correctly.
        Also, when you work out alot before you get pregnant, keep healthy eating habits, and stay active while pregnant, you don’t have to “lose your body to no baby”
        They probably couldn’t hide the baby bump anymore, therefore, they came out with it. Why is this one woman getting so much crap for fibbing about her age, or maybe how far along she is in her pregnancy? Like no one else has ever done it…geesh people.

        • says

          B says, no your stomach can not bend like that and if it did you would be in a lot of trouble. I am the mother of five no c sections natural birth’s. I’m 5’4 115 after those five babies. I didn’t work out during my pregnancies but resumed working out after I was given the ok by the doctor. I was a cheerleader, ring girl, and I have been in MMA since I was a pre teen. My stomach has never bent like that ever and if it did I would run to the ER! More than likely she isn’t pregnant and she can choose to handle it anyway she wants to. It is none of our buisness. I look at it this way we aren’t sleeping with her and we aren’t paying her bills! That person may have had a run on sentence, but you have lost your ever loving mind if you think because someone trains their stomach muscles bend like that while pregnant. Silly rabbit tricks are for kids!

          • TIFFANIE says


          • deedee says

            um we are paying her bills..We support her of buying her concert tickets, merchandise and so yeah u r wrong there..Without us fans she has completely nothing to live on to support her lifestyle..

        • G says

          B you must be really intelligent! You corrected Kayla’s grammar. She is eternally grateful! lmao. Beyonce faked her pregnancy and she is a fucking liar!

        • krisblahblah says

          You can TRAIN your stomach to bend like that? Have you lost your mind? Lol Someone that has ALOT of belly fat, and isn’t far along in pregnancy, may have a “fold” in their middle (because it’s primarily fat) but we all know she is not fat at all. So. Hmm. I stand by my opinion that they used a serrogate mother to carry their baby. Entire maternity ward was closed down during the delievery. Perfect plan. It worked. And it’s fun to gossip about. Lol

      • Tonya says

        I sat and read all these entries about Beyonce and rather she was pregnant or not. On one hand, she’s faking because she doesnt want to lose her “BODY”, then on the other hand, all her body parts are fake….. EVERYTHING has a conspiracy theory. At the end of the date, what does it matter if she used a surrogate, adopted, bought a black market baby, or found it on a corner. I don’t think Beyonce was too worried about her record sells when she decided to become a mother (Whichever method she chose). If that woman NEVER pickede up a mic again, she will NEVER have to work another day of her life. So NO, I don’t think she used a surrogate to have ababy beause she was trying to preserve her image or shape. As far as the stomach folding thing……. It looked to me like her dress fabric folded underneath her stomach as she sat down. Even if this was NOT the case, AGAIN… why are their so many people worried about what Beyonce is doing? Some people on here went as far as speaking as if they personally KNOW the woman. DAYUM……She’s aLIAR, She’s FAKE, JayZ is on the DL……At the end of the day, they’re worth a BILLION dollars and all yall asses are BROKE! Get a life and stop digging into other people lives and worrying about what theyre doing.

    • emilyvil says

      well said

  6. DeepSouth says

    You are so right! She’s not pregnant. This is a fake, weak-ass attempt to fake it til they make it look as though it is what it is not! B.B. straight up. They aren’t really a couple. Never have been. He’s gay. Got herpes and possibly H.I.V. She’s just riding first class til he ends up in coach.

    Rumor has it. He was the CELEBRITY that got sued in Las Vegas for NEGLECTING TO disclose his “STATUS”….

    • emilyvil says

      LMAO sorry disclose what statues? herpes status? you definitely need to have your head checked, you are loosing it.

  7. dm says

    Opportunist is either a dumb hater, or knows she’s pregnant and hope someone falls for this since a sucker is born every minute.

    In case he’s the former, he needs to remember that Beyonce has huge hips she can carry a baby better (or whatever), I have seen women 3 months pregnant and they aren’t even that big yet not even close – if a hater just get over it!

  8. gmugger says

    this shit is just dumb i just had a baby almost 3 months ago and i had a six pack up until i was four and a half almost five months along so thats a lie and if i not wrong those lines are on her side and u have a six pack on you belly not your side and about the line i didnt get the line until i was 8 month because i didnt start showing until iwas almost 5 month and i didnt get really big until i was 8 months and there are show on tv called i didnt know i was pregnant and some of the girls on that show are skinny and have 6 pack and are in labor so it is a fact that u can have a 6 pack and not have loose skin and all the other stuff u named because no pregnancy is the same so u should really do some research before u post shit like this and u need to really stop hating because it not cute its just sad so i hope beyonce has a good pregnancy and i am happy for you and p.s. now u are saying that alicla keys was never really pregnant to now u really need to get a life

    • K.I.A.(KnowItAll) says

      Uhhmm..ii thiink da artiicle saiid wat Alicia n Swizz were consiideriin…how do u xplaiin da foldn bellii..who n da world datz pregnant haz a foldn bellii?..#JusSayn..

      • krisblahblah says

        @K.I.A. WHAT THE HECK did you just say?? ::shocked look:: PLEASE, for the love of GOD…PLEASE, speak English. I hope you do not teach your children to write this way. Wow. Just wow.

    • Michele says

      @gmugger.. Thank you! Thank you for this. My sis ran track up til she was 4 months pregnant
      and HAD a 6 pack that showed into her 6th month. Her belly did not show at all til she was 5 1/2 months.
      She did not get darkened skin and her line was not dark until the end of her pregnancy. Every
      woman is different and these people need to really get a life. they couldnt wait til they had a baby
      now they are analzying every detail. Truth be told ..I would expect people to wonder if MARIAH or JLO would have faked it before Beyonce.. They are more “i cant mess up my body” types than Beyonce.

      • holly says

        but did her belly fold in half wen she sat down????

  9. Realist says

    LOOOOOOL!! SERIOUSLY?! I didn’t know you knew Beyonce so well to know that shes lying about her pregnancy.. Ahhh well… Haters will hate. Took time out your day to write this bogus bullshit loooool!!!!!! It was a nice read though… Got me laughing. Not everyone gets that dark line, or stretch mark (I sure didn’t). And when I was pregnant, I didn’t show until I was 5 and a half months and even then…. you could hardly tell.

    What a damn fool *Rolls Eyes*

  10. tobequitehonest says

    It is the weirdness thing I ever seen in my life. From the way she sat down like an non pregnant woman, to her stomach inflating like a basketball. So, I’m saying she is faking the entire thing.

    • OhSnap says

      Also, the way she held her arm in front of her stomach the whole time as if to cover the sides.. Something isn’t right here O.o

  11. menley says

    I had three children and not once did I have the line down my belly, as you described. I am also naturally thin and muscular and I had a very toned belly at the beginning of my pregnancy and my belly looked a lot like beyonce’s in that bathing suit shot.

    I do think the folding dress thing is odd but clearly she was pregnant in the bathing suit shot. Can’t fake a bare belly.

    Whatever the case, I wish beyonce well:)

    • danni says

      yes u can fake a bare belly… the line isnt that deep.. a folding belly like that is off… and that picture of her in the white swim suit looks nutty…

      • kiddo says

        The video is even nuttier lol this bitch faked it…who knows y?
        Blood sacrifice?
        Publicity stunt?
        truth is we will never know!

  12. Real Real says

    Anyone who believes in her/their attention seeking pregnancy is ignorant and lost. Regardless of lines and etc, it is blatantly visible that this banshee of a media-whore is NOT pregnant. You can deny dates, differences and small details, pregnant bellies, no matter how far along do not fold or flop. They do this foolishness as they know there are dumb enough followers who are blissfully ignorant. There is NO hate as that would entail wanting what they have; they have a bunch of lies, a bunch of money that cannot fix their fucked up mentalities and no depth or substance minus being media puppets. If they do breed a child, I pity it

    • danni says

      i agree with yu… people picking out arguments cuz of a line dwn the tummy or not a line… its not that deep… but for her to be having pictures and performances out with different belly sizes, from big to small then back around again, is NOT REALITY. plus even that white b-suit pick looks phony… and the flopping belly is OUT. i am 5 months prego- you cant even tell, and for DAMN SURE when i bend my belly doesnt do that nor have other mommys ive witnessed and if you check her out SHE SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN THAT BIG FOR THAT TO HAPPEN AND THEN HAVE A PIC LIKE THIS ONE RELEASED it DOES NOT ADD UP. ALL OF HER ISH IS BULLOCKS! All i kno is that whoever youngin they use is about to make them tons of money. magazines are gonna b cuttin checks for dayssss!

  13. carolynbrown says

    Why do jz and Beyonce have to lie who care if she pregnant are not.but he is less them a men to let her do this.

  14. Grace says

    The linea nigra definitely doesn’t show up in ALL pregnancies (I was pregnant for 38 weeks and never got that) and even when someone does have one, it usually wouldn’t show up that early. I think it’s dumb that anyone would even think she’s faking this.

  15. K.I.A.(KnowItAll) says

    1 thiingz 4 sure,2 dat cnt b deniied,3 4 certaiin—->Beyonce iz NOT PREGNANT!!!!…poiint blank periiod…

    • says

      Shut up u dont know I hate people that try tohen dat baby come I want to see your ugly ass faces stop judging 1corithains15:33 says bad association spoils useful habitats shutup and stop gossiping

  16. princess says

    These reporters are dumb!!!!!!!!! use your brain! she has a SERROGATE… duh! how the hell are they going to adopt a child when the world is waiting to see what the baby will look like!

  17. where is solange says

    Where is basement baby, otherwise known as her sister Solange? She already popped out a kid so why not one to make some cash? Odd we haven’t seen sis in awhile.

  18. Erica says

    I’m 3 months pregnant i do still have my six pack even more defined than her ‘s cause i was obssesed with gym and stuff also im a gym instructor i think woman that exercise and dance the muscles r diferent from other people that doesn’t exercise or dance very often ” i dont know .
    And i got the same skin collor as Beyonce and don’t have the Linea Negra nera preta .Maybe she’s just faking who cares

  19. Jessica says

    I never had the dark line to my belly button. I also had abs until I was 8 months pregnant. Not saying she is or is not pregnant, but maybe give it a few months before start accusing a healthy, active person that she’s lying just because she doesn’t gain wait as much as stereotypically shown pregnant women do. She could have a surrogate which is fine, but it would certainly make claiming to be pregnant very, very strange.

  20. Sweetrose says

    I guess people have forgotten that Beyonce is indeed human and not a GOD! People FAKE PREGNANCIES ALL THE TIME! There was recently a case where a woman faked her entire pregnancy, found an actual pregnant woman and cut the baby from her womb! It has been done! And the reasons the author listed are actually very good reasons for her to fake the pregnancy. People are just so dumb nowadays, their believe anything,

  21. Me2 says

    That photo in the bikini proves absolutely NOTHING! It just looks as though she poked her stomach out. I’ve also seen photos of her the same day, on a yacht, and there was no sign of a belly. I’ve never seen a pregnant with abs like that when their three months on into the pregnancy, and basically the belly just overall is too perfect and doesn’t seem right.

  22. J bird says

    I was 5 months pregnant before I even started showing. She looks bigger than I did at three months. Not all pregnant girls show quickly.

  23. tia says

    idk, what to say

  24. thist says

    i see the abs and the lack of line, but what about the folding belly?

  25. honestly_though says

    Well I personally think this is a beautiful picture of Beyonce’ and her belly. Everyone is up here arguing over what is going on in her life as if they go to her house and spend time with her. For ONE, if no one has taken the time out to realize, Beyonce is skinny!!! She is also, and has been, for a long time, very fit because she was trying to keep up her image as the woman with the million-dollar body. TWO every woman who gets pregnant does not get the line down the middle of their belly and depending on their body’s responses, she will probably go back down to little ole Beyonce after she has a baby. Granted, I think she over did it with the dress thing, because other than the deflating belly, she was trying to walk as if she was overdue if you pay attention to the video. For years everyone has been arguing over the fact that she didn’t want to be pregnant because of her body, but hell, with all the money she has, she can pay for another belly or body if she wanted too and look just like she did before the whole pregnancy thing started. In this picture, she is clearly pregnant. My friend is just as big as beyonce, if not smaller, and she has had two children and her body looked just like beyonce’s.

    PS…I do not think those are packs. I think those are just her muscles stretching and regardless of what she does whether she had a baby or adopted one, because she is a celebrity, she is probably getting paid for all of the attention everyone is giving her, spending time out of their lives trying to find something wrong about what she or any other celebrity does.

  26. says

    She doesn’t have to adopt she have the money to pay another woman to get pregnant for her, even using her own egg and Jay Z`s sperm…I heard of this happening before…if i dont want to get pregnant and have the money and want to have a baby that is genetically mine….then I would do that..its easy. I think thats what they’re doing….she fakes her pregnancy while someone else have her child..she more than have the money to do it

    • bolly says

      harveting eggs from a woman is excruciatingly painful

      • holly says

        but is it more painful than goin thru a whole pregnancy n givin birth?

    • krisblahblah says

      I ABSOLUTELY AGREE. I think that is exactly what she did. I think they used a surrogate. That explains everything from the folding belly to the maternity ward getting shut down.

  27. jhevanise says

    first of all, i like beyonce alot n i was happy for her when she first announced her pregnancy, however alot of things are not adding up as time goes by..first, she is supposily three months pregnant at the vma but she jumping all around the stage n high heels…second, she has a new video out titled “party”, but her stomach is flat…third her stomach collapsed in her austrailian inteview, etc….n everyone is so quick to think her pregnancy is real bcuz of her picture with her bikini, but ok hello did uever c the movie fifthteen n pregnant with kirsten dunst??????…she played as a pregnant fithteen yr old n she was n a scene where she was rubbing her belly n it really look like a real pregnant stomach so plz stop letting that bikini picture be a reason y she is supposily pregnant

    • holly says

      i hear you and compleatly agree any1 can make their tummy luk like that u jus arch your back abit n stick ya tummy out. this is just weird!

  28. ralph says

    …….she’s faking it guys. You can cleary see that she’s forcing her stomach out in the bathing suit pic. I would atleast think Jay would be man enough to not go along with such a thing, but oh well. Money changes people……..

  29. Amy says



  30. thebadchick says

    Totally fake . beyonce had previously been under going fertility treatments in LA for over 2 and half years and still could not get pregnant.
    She needs to relax take time off let her body adjust stop working so hard and she will be able to have a baby like any other woman.

  31. anon says

    My opinion is she’s not pregnant. There are more pictures of her on the same vacation and notice in every other one of them she’s hiding her stomach with a huge gold purse or sitting at a table. I’m size 3 but if I push my stomach out I can appear pregnant. She paid the photographer to catch her sticking her stomach out.
    Plus what’s with prancing all around town in heels? It’s possible her doctor could have told her not to wear heels and she ignored the warning but if she really was pregnant wouldn’t she want to be comfortable? Flats can be stylish too.
    Also her boobs? Yes it’s true that some women show very few signs of pregnany but pregnancy causes the production of milk and her breasts haven’t grown larger.
    And then the baby bump “collapsing” … Well I think that’s pretty obvious that a baby bump isn’t like an umbrella.
    Bottom line… She’s not pregnant.

  32. annie says

    I didnt start showing until I was 4 months pregnant and I didnt get my linea negra until close to 6 months. I think you need to yoututbe some pregnancies of women who stay active their untire pregnancy because it is VERY possible to have THAT body at 3 months, because I did.
    And if she IS faking a pregnancy, so what? Why are you all so involved? Shes only making herself look bad by doing that. And she has every right to have a surrogate. She has always been private, so which would be worse for her? Faking a pregnancy to please everyone, or answering the judgemental questions and and addressing accusations if she came forward about having a surrogate? Get over yourselves and live your own lives- and get out of hers.

  33. lilly says

    well, I can object to this – By looking at the picture of Beyonce with her bare “pregnant” belly out — pregnant women don’t have a six pack at 3 months! .. simply coz it depends on the body type and how well one is tones, I had my six pack up till 5th month when my belly started to grow a little, some people thought that I wans’t pregnant simply because I looked too slim for that

  34. sam says

    not ALL people get the stupid line down their bellies… i’ve had 3 kids and haven’t gotten it once. and how did her pregnancy go by soo fast?? and all that security… maybe they don’t want something getting out, like an adoption, or surrogate??? and i LOVE that video where her belly deflates lmao. wish mine did that.

  35. navvie says

    Well let me just say that I personally believe Beyonce probably had another miscarriage soon after announcing the pregnancy on the mtv awards. Yes she probably did use the prosthetic belly for the MTV awards simply because she probably wasn’t that far along and was simply excited. They have probably been trying since then and may have decided to have someone else carry it and stage the whole birth. However they had it, I wish them the best. Things like these are very touchy and I don’t want to make fun of her and then find out I cannot have kids myself. Just let them be.

  36. pregers says

    I think she is. Some of the reasons given are vary silly for her not to be pregnant. I am 4 months pregnant and well no one can tell. I am not looking it at all, let alone any lines. Each person is different. My friend who is a month ahead of me has been in maternity clothing for 2 months now. I’m still in skinny jeans and looks like I will be for some time. In 4 months of pregnancy I have gained a Wapping 5 pounds. Its all about how peoples bodies react and each person is different. In the end just let them be.

    • ackeegrl says

      she had the baby 4 months later……so she wasn’t 3 months along…she was 5 months or more. How do you explain that? Also, How does a pregnant woman bend like her head is touching her toes during one of those dances before she announced it? That would be a hurting thing if she had a belly.

  37. Girl says

    Maybe her belly didnt bend. maybe it was just the way her dress looked and wrinkled up when she sat down.You know when you stand up your close are more straight but when you sit your shirt is crinkled up. It is believable that she faked it but not everyone gets big throughout their pregnancy. But what Navvi says sounds like that could’ve happened too and even tho i think Beyonce is overrated, let her be happy.

  38. WhoCares? says

    Those are not abs, that is her ribs. Whoever wrote this is a dumbass

  39. annie says

    i agree with the last 2 comments. I believe when she put her hand on her leg, it kept the fabric of her dress in place and that was just her dress creasing. People are SO eager to call someone a liar that they see what they want to see. people are pathetic. its no one elses business which way they chose to have a child- but i believe her to be pregnant at the time of the video.

  40. Naj says

    STFU with your stupid ass accusations! I swear ya’ll hate this woman so much no matter WHAT she does! I think ya’ll are secretly obsessed with her, she can’t even have a baby without ya’ll fuckin speculating! Bitches kill me! Do me a favor and conjure up you a life!

  41. Katie says

    Im sorry this is absurd…. I did not show until I was 5 months pregnant. And a lot of woman chose not to announce their pregnancies until after the first trimester because the chance of miscarriage is much lower. And the dark line doesn’t show up until late in the second
    Trimester or early third. So, no offense but the writer of this article should check their facts before writing false information. You were better off just showing the ABC news pictures and not writing any words because for anyone who actually knows about pregnancies, this sounds… For lack of better words… Dumb.

  42. Ncbb says


    • Sheila says


      First and foremost, congratulations to Jay Z & Kayne West on their new bundle of joy.
      • Her announcement on the award show was extremely tacky & ghetto, she actually fixed her wave and dropped the mic on the floor, what was that for?
      • Jay Z, reaction was very disrespectful, who was he saluting? His wife? And for what, actually going through with the fake baby bump?
      • She is a known liar, i.e. writing songs, producing beats, her age, & financial status growing up, so why wouldn’t she liar about being pregnant, especially when her albums sales were tanking.
      • If she is lying about how far along she is in months
      Now, the facts:
      • She at Roseland ten days before VMA awards and no one notices?
      • Since when Jay Z is so public with his personal life, has any one seen the wedding pictures yet?
      • Her albums sells were NOT doing good, you go from stadiums shows to Roseland, everyone knows Roseland is for has-beens and what better way to gracefully bow out of the music industry.
      • If she wears butt pads, why wouldn’t she wear a stomach pad!
      • Her career is based on the public image of her relationship,
      • An astounding number of rumors of Jay sexuality dating back to 1998 to the point of common fact that he sleeps with men.
      • She may just be as mentally disturb as Michael Jackson, is that why Jay keeps saying she is the next Michael Jackson because of the consist need for attention, skin bleaching, the wave wearing for 11 years straight, and I mean straight the beach, studio, etc.. I know one thing Michael Jacksons never did a ballroom concert, and if he did his last one was when he was 5 years old!!!!

  43. holly says

    this is all abit weird if you ask me.

    heres why:

    1) i dnt see how the crazy folding stomach thing cud happen when she sat down, when your pregnant your tummy goes hard, only fat (or foam) would fold like that not a pregnant belly. n beyonce aint fat. the dress was tight fiting and would not crease like that either.

    2) in the pic of beyonce on the beach, well… i can look like that after ive eaten a large cheese and tomato pizza from dominos.

    3) in all the videos beyonce has released since anouncing her ‘pregnancy’ she dus not look pregnant in any one of them and is hardcore dancing around in all of them.

    4) she is definatly minted enuf to actually pay someone at least a millions dollers to ‘hav me a kid n shut the f**k up for the rest of your life’ . and also pay all medical staff involved and force them to sign sumsort of document sayin they wnt tell.

    5) she had an elective c-section. fare enuf but beyonce seems like the type of ‘wannabe earth mother’ who wud want that bonding with a natural birth.

    6) the pik of her in the red dress a few wks after the baby was born, she has not 1 bit of flab on her tummy! i had a c-section 2yrs ago and have a kind of flabby overhang of excess skin above my scar still! it wud seem beyonce has nowt like this shes got a perfectly trim tummy after 3wks. amazeballs eh?

    i wud luv to c a pic of her c-section scar.
    i guess we will neva no the truth anyways if any1 involved eva did break the silence they wud sure as hell be gettin ther ass sued and probs killed by jay-z (hey! the guy shot his own brother ffs!)

    • Chauncy says

      Look at the facts people (and ignorant fans) who pay her bills that allow her to do stupid crap like we stupid

      IS BB perfect – no
      what pregnancy sign did we have. I have read a lot of post here and this is what I find

      – no pregnancy gain, breast, hands, nose, or legs, feet etc
      – eating some foods can make you bloat (women tend to bloat during certain times of the month)
      – BB has a fat gene she would have gained some kinda of weight that was evident
      – BB eager to get a belly pic out during that month but never or refused to get a belly pic out futher along months.
      – Did not want that Diane Sawyer to touch her belly during the interview. This alone would have put rumors to rest. (yes the fans have a right to no if she is lying) She put her life on display rubbing that bump after a show, so yes we should know.
      – She likes to dote on her body so a revealing belly dress would have been done if really pregnant
      – Dates seem off with timing (poor planner)
      – who shuts down a public hospital (this was about money but…with a secret to be kept)
      – Pregnant bellys do not deflat and rinkle.



      WHAT A CUTE BABY…Jay Z has strong features eyes, nose and lips and like me AC hair. Will this be the perfect baby…. Maybe

      • holly says


  44. says

    i thnk this is a joke it has nothing to do with anyone even if she didnt have her own baby which i think she clearly did , its just sad even presuming things like this when beyonce and jayz are such genuine people so what they wanted to keep it low for 3 months it is their PRIVATE life !!!

  45. ya motha says

    Ur stupid.

  46. Destiny says

    she has enough money to pull this off, as you can see by the lines on her sides, she used a prosthetic* pregnancy belly. (you can look them up) you can tell, because if no one saw the bump before the awards show, then there is no way. because she was so big.

  47. Jak says

    This post is just so stupid. Obviously the poster has never been pregnant. I’m not questioning whether Beyonce was genuinely pregnant- it seems like UFO Crazy Person talk to say that she went to far as to pretend. She’s a confident woman who wouldn’t be phased in saying she was having surrogates. No one in their right mind would go to the extremes people claim she has- unless they were mentally dysfunctional. I highly doubt that is the case.

    The “evidence” used in this post is RUBBISH. As stated 1/3 women have Linea Nigra while pregnant, that’s not a very high amount to base your conclusion on. Also most women in their first pregnancy do not show a pregnant belly until later on- Heck, I am five months pregnant now and still don’t look it. Do your research properly and people following such nonsense, my opinion of you is low. Did you even graduate highschool? What is your education like for you to believe such ridiculous notions.

    Whatever, this post is just stupid.

  48. holly says

    jak, ive dun my research im a student nurse that has seen a few pregnant bellys during my studies, and also hav been pregnant myself, and i believe she was not pregnant! pregnant bellys do not fold in half when u sit down. although im sure u already no this due to you been pregnant yourself

  49. holly says

    if beyonce had a previous misscarrige which has been stated in a jay-z song, then surely if she got pregnant agen she would not be prancing around on stage in 5inch heels n shaking her booty in all her videos, whilst she was ‘pregnant’!
    i no if that was me pregnant after losing a baby i would be taking as much bed rest as possible and doing everything in my power to maintain my current pregnancy to try an avoid the same thing happening! but hey thats just me.

  50. holly says

    i wish every1 on here wud stop sayin she was pregnant just cos she didnt hav the dark line on her belly and that they didnt get it when they wer pregnant! no1 gives a shit about that we all no not every1 gets it!! but the fact is that her bump actually folded in on itself when she sat down!!! which is physically impossible if ther was a baby in ther! although entirly possible when the ‘baby’ is a lump of foam.

    i used to like beyonce and buy her music but now i think shes full of shit!

  51. says

    lOl to all of these comments, who thinks she faked her pregnancy..! Ummm first of all is this any of your business ummm I think not. The media will do any and everything to get paid and get the haters all fired up! Like seriously…she’s freaking in a bikini with her beautiful belly out…What the hell! Shut up about it damn. You people have nothing other to do than be all on bey and jay’s dicks damn. Go get a life or something..What more can she do to convince you dumb ass haters..and after that interview when you hater said her *belly folded* they actually had another interview for her about that, and she just laughed like she does’nt give a damn what you guys think of her love her or hate her she does’nt care. Tina Knowles what upset and just hot about the fact that you haters are talking shit about her unborn grand baby, which is pure bull shit and wrong..fu** the media and fu** you haters that’s exactly what I would say if I were Beyonce!! It’s said if you ask me, just sad. I feel sorry for you guys..lOl truly sorry..!! CONGRATULATIONS BEYONCE AND JAY-Z FOR YOUR NEW BUNDLE OF JOY!!!………….. <3 <3 <3

  52. says


  53. Erica says

    Well I don’t think she was pregnant either but as far as the dark line on the belly, I’m going into my 4th month now and still haven’t gotton it. I did have it with my first child and he’s 5 now but for some reason I haven’t with this one yet.

  54. Bobbie-Jo Schouten says

    beyonce is just a bitch

  55. Tonya says

    @Bobbie-Jo Schouten…How would you know? You dont know that woman…Stop being a FREAKIN HATER!!!!!!!!! Doesnt matter how that Baby was conceived….Surrogate,Africa, in a test tube or found on the side of the road………so much time worried about other people lives……some people on her posted she didnt want to mess up her body…. others posted her body was FAKE…….you people need to find something else to do.. Beyonce could have stood Butt naked in timesquare 9 months pregnant, people would still think its a dayummmm conspiracy……. If she never picked a MIC again, I dont think Beyonce was worried about losing her lifestyle people…….. She will NEVER have to work again if she chooses…….

    • says

      F**** YOU BITCH DONT TALK TO MY FIANCE LIKE THAT!!! she has an opinion just like everyone else… i’m not a beyonce hater it doesn’t mean i’m gonna protest against half the world…

  56. Troubledheiress says

    Saw alot of typos in this article, you should take a remedial English class to learn more about punctuation and grammar, rather than worrying about a celebrity faking a pregnancy

  57. Teyonce' K. says

    Everyone that said she faked her pregnancy is so stupid… People who aren’t really fans (apart of the beyhive) do not understand the stuff Bey has gone through.. Beyonce has been honest about everything… And if she did have a surrogate, thats HER BUSINESS stay out of her business.. All of you are idiots and haters and just want a reason to hate on the one the most beautiful and talented woman in the world… I hate all of you that tried to get on her for RUMORS get a freaking life. ugh

  58. genesis says

    I agree that a surrogate may have carried the baby because as much as Beyonce loves showing her body.Im sure she would have really embraced those special mother hood photos of her belly.

  59. says

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