Big Tigger RUNS AWAY From Maliah Michel’s PHAT DONK!? [Video]

Big Tigger and Maliah Michel photo
Maliah Michel is enjoying herself… shaking it up. Big Tigger comes into the frame… smiles… and then exits to the right. :daFluck1:

Was Tigger scared?


  1. Tightlipped says

    he’s scared…..

  2. tre says

    y would this grown ass man run from that. he should be taken to the back and u know what, or he just roles like u know what.!!!!

  3. says

    Maliah is one of the best looking best shape & best dancers in the business

  4. says

    Big Tigger would be like me running away from the phat donk, Free is the host on his show and she got
    crazy ass.

  5. says

    Maliah got a hella phat donk, Big Tigger is happy as hell.


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