BMF Member Bleu Davinci Is Back To Business — Fresh Out of PRISON! [Video]

Bleu Davinci picture
BMF Member, Bleu Davinci is home and back to business! Bleu Davinci served 3 years and 10 months in federal prison. He’s now moving forward and placing his past behind him. Bleu Davinci speaks about his new label “Swish Gang”, and artist Calico Jonez & Tabius Tate.

Bleu breaks down his prison sentence in the interview saying, “I had a 64 month sentence… I got like 10 months good time off that thing. I didn’t catch no shots or nothing when I was locked up. I took a 500 hour residential drug program — [It] awarded me 12 months off my sentence and six months halfway house. So I ended up doing — right under fo [four months]… Something like 3 years 10 months.”


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