Buffie… before The Body! [Video]

Buffie The Body picture
Buffie The Body shows pictures of her body through the years.

One of the video captions read:
To the non-believers (HATERS): Butt injections didn’t even exist back in the early 90’s (at least not to my knowledge).
This booty came from eating and exercise… It’s HOME GROWN!

In this video, I went from 119lbs to 180lbs and now I’m 173lbs. No one ever believes me when I tell them that I was once skinny. No butt, no thighs, no hips…NO NOTHING. I hated being skinny and it truly depressed me. Most of my friends were “shapely and thick” but I wasn’t. My genetics had a lot to do with my slim frame because everyone in my immediate family (except my sis) was slim. I REFUSED to let that be my destiny. I was determined to work AGAINST genetics….and I did. I don’t ever want to see skinny again! Some of you may be able to relate…some of you may not. But at the end of the day it was (and still is) all about being happy with myself.

Pics: Buffie The BODY before The BODY!! (She Claims It’s ALL HOME GROWN!)


  1. says

    god dam her ass is phat azz shyt boy.that want im be taking down now sumhing just like i

  2. says

    It doesn’t matter how she got her ass because she’s the bomb now! You go Buffie

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    I like that thickness, homegrown it don’t matter looks good Buffie

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