Carmelo Anthony Waits For Kevin Garnett By The Celtics Team Bus!

Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett fight
Carmelo Anthony allegedly told Kevin Garnett during the game, “I’ll see you after the game…,” and he wasn’t joking!! This footage captures Carmelo Anthony waiting for Kevin Garnett by the Celtics’ team bus! What the hell does Kevin Garnett be saying on the court to piss players on the opposing teams like this!??

How will Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett manage to play on the East All-Star team in a few weeks without getting into a confrontation!?

Here’s Carmelo Anthony’s reason for waiting on Kevin Garnett:

Anthony went toward the Celtics’ locker room and waited for Garnett outside the team bus. He said they have spoken and sorted out the matter.

“There’s certain things that you just don’t say to men, another man,” Anthony said. “I felt like we crossed a line, but like I said, we both had an understanding right now, we handled it the way we handled it. Nobody needs to know what was said behind closed doors, so that situation was handled.”

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