50 Cent Accused of Not Visiting Son Marquise in Nearly Two Years!

50 Cent gets put on blast for allegedly not visiting his older son Marquise in nearly two years!

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50 Cent

Read the report from TMZ below.

Marquise Jackson’s mother Shaniqua Tompkins tells TMZ, the last time 50 Cent saw 17-year-old Marquise was May 2012, several months before 50’s second child Sire Jackson was born.

We’re told Fiddy hasn’t even spoken to Marquise since the two had a very public falling out in January 2013 over text messages.

The fight stemmed from a botched visitation attempt — 50 claimed he showed up to Marquise’s house in Atlanta to visit, but Marquise refused to answer the door, and the texts that followed were brutal … including messages like, “F**k you stop texting me” and “I don’t have a son anymore.”

50 Cent’s rep released the following statement, “50 is saddened by the attention-seeking tactics of his son’s mother. He remains a proud and supportive father and feels blessed to have two sons.” A source connected to 50 says Shaniqua hasn’t worked since 2002.

Tyga Buys $1.5 Million Maybach Landaulet! [Video]

Remember back in early 2011, Birdman showed off his $1.5 million dollar Maybach Landaulet? Well… Birdman isn’t the only person on the block with a convertible Maybach 62 S Landaulet anymore!

Tyga maybach landaulet

Tya just copped a brand new 2014 Maybach Landaulet similar to Birdman’s Maybach Landaulet!

Tyga just bought a sweet ride as a birthday present to himself … it’s got four doors and four wheels — hey, just like a Toyota Camry — but Tyga’s whip cost around $2.2 million.

Sources close to Tyga tell us he dropped 2 large bills plus on a 2014 convertible Maybach 62 S Landaulet — the car itself cost $1.3 mil. Now get this … he spent nearly a mil tricking it out.

Check out the video below!

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Young Jeezy Arrested For Allegedly Beating Son!

Young Jeezy was arrested in Atlanta for battery, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats against his own son.

Read the report from TMZ below.

young jeezy

According to the charging documents — obtained by TMZ — Jeezy got into a fight with his son in a bathroom and he threw his son into the glass shower door, causing the son to hit his head. Then Jeezy allegedly punched him in the face, dragged him into the bedroom, threw him on the bed and pummeled him.

According to the incident report, Jeezy’s son attempted to escape but the rapper’s bodyguard blocked the stairwell.

The docs go on — claiming Jeezy subsequently choked his son and said, “I will kill you.” According to police docs, Jeezy’s son claims his dad said, “I will put a bullet in your head right now,” adding, “If I could get away with it, I would kill you.” The incident allegedly occurred in Sept., 2012.

We’ve learned Jeezy turned himself in to authorities Friday after a grand jury warrant for each charge was issued. He bonded out soon after for $45,000.

Jeezy’s attorney tells TMZ, “We have no doubt this matter will resolve itself appropriately. At this moment, Mr. Jenkins is thankful for the support of his fans and the respect for his family’s privacy.”