Floyd Mayweather RAPS on Shade 45! [Video]

Lol… Floyd Mayweather raps on Shade 45 with Sway in the Morning!

Besides, Floyd’s rapping… he concluded the interview with a few words of wisdom — “Everybody is blessed with a skill. And everybody is blessed with a certain talent. You have to know what your talent is, you have to know what your skill is. Then you have to maximize it and push it to the limit.”

Jay Z had a similar message when he opened Brooklyn’s Barclays Center just about a year ago.

Watch Floyd Mayweather’s interview with Sway In The Morning below!

Kanye West RIPS Jimmy Kimmel… and Rightfully So!

Kanye West ripped Jimmy Kimmel last night on Twitter… and it was rightfully so. Kanye West opened up and had a lot to say during his interview with Zane — and Jimmy Kimmel dissed him!

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Kanye West Kanye West RIPS Jimmy Kimmel... and Rightfully So!

Jimmy Kimmel mocked Kanye West and essentially everything he said in Part 2 of his interview with Zane Lowe. It was wrong for Jimmy Kimmel to undermine and paint Kanye West as a immature kid, because of the subject matter Kanye touched on in the interview. I was unable to view the video as just another typical “spoof” video from Jimmy.

Honestly, Kanye West probably wouldn’t have responded to Jimmy Kimmel, if he “spoofed” any other part of the interview besides part 2. Jimmy could’ve done a “spoof” on maybe part 1, part 3, or part 4 of the interview with Zane.

Jimmy subliminally dissed Kanye West to millions of people watching his show around the world, then uploaded the clip to YouTube to even more viewers and expect no retaliation.

He didn’t expect this… Check out Kanye’s reply below!

The Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel beef continues after the jump! [Read more...]