Chief Keef – Kobe [Video]

Finally Rich, Chief Keef’s debut album is set to drop December 18th. Here’s his latest video “Kobe”.


  1. luke locklear says

    free my ni88a sosa keep it crackin homie u in (gangster) (disciples) u a folk keep it folking i us to be rollin 60s crip for 6 years i us to bang dat 6 hard now I’m in maxton mafia 11 been in bout 14 or 12 months and when i get home imma gettin out to make my own gang call 600 boyz i go so hard and deep im one of the ogs now and my points so high i can make my own gang 8ang 8ang mm^ b’s down fuck em slob ass ni88az coo woo

  2. luke locklear says

    i mean i like lil jojo music to but my nigga chief keef be going hard he gets em hoes and bitches fuck bitch squad and lil jojo u dat nigga to but u was a fake pussy ass bitch fuck jojo u a bitch u dont knw your knowledge son you can’t be 300 and be black disciples your false claiming ass fuck u cuz ik u dead but u did dat on yourself yea i like your music but i never like u because u a pussy ass false claimer u can’t gang bang 2 gangs only one dumb ass wat the fuck wrong with u lmfao haha bitch ass nigga i like his music dats all but nobody better than sosa or some more rappers i be ballin so damn hard they think dat imma kobe bang bANG

  3. Ryan says

    Chief keef is a pussy fake ass bitch. Fuck this. Chief keefs a bitch!

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