Chrissy Reveals She’s 40 YEARS OLD! (Love & Hip Hop Ep. 1 Bonus Video)

Chrissy and Olivia Love and Hip Hop picture
Check out the bonus video from Love & Hip Hop season 2 episode 1! Chrissy opens up to Somaya Reece. Emily B reveals she got a breast reduction. And the ladies do a little bit lesbian talk about their “girl crushes!” Chrissy also reveals she’s 40 years old! Wow… Chrissy looks amazing for her age — she looks only 34 or 35 yrs old! We know Chrissy is very concern about marriage… what about kids with Jimmy?

Editor’s note: Jim Jones age is 35 years.

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  1. M. says

    I am not one to say mean things about people, but Chrissy is just a straight bitch. I don’t see how any of these “hip hop wives” want to kick it with her. She’s always got something negative to say. I have seen some insecure women before, but nothing to the extent of Chrissy. I don’t see how Chrissy acts is acceptable to herself, her boyfriend, her family and friends.. it’s embarrassing!! This is a full grown woman throwing temper tantrums and talking shit on mature women. It’s disgusting that she would go so far as to put her hands on another person when the problem she was attacking with such vigor wasn’t even her own. Imagine what would have happened if what Kimbella said had to do with Chrissy personally, oh my god, that woman would pick up a gun and kill someone. I would not be shocked if Chrissy ended up on the Oxygen Channel’s “Snapped”. With as much money as people make to be on TV, please VH1 and MTV producers.. pick some SANE people, people who we can look up to and walk in their footsteps. Chrissy is a shame to human civilization, hate like hers needs to die off like an old weak breed. Chrissy, if you’r reading this.. you NEED therapy and the Lord himself knows I’m not the only one who thinks that.

    • says

      I totally agree with everything you said!!! It’s the truth… when are we going to start having some positive woman and men on TV who are of age and know how to articulate themselves and act. She is a disgrace…and then has the audacity to wear a tee-shirt on the show that says JESUS SAVES…love the message don’t get me wrong but come on don’t put God in that mess when they know they aint even trying to be Christ like on the show. It’s awful…but they get paid for it and the networks love it when people like this come along…Its so bad!!! Grow up ladies please!!!

    • MILA says

      Amen!!! I couldn’t say it any better..

      • says

        Amen!!! It’s the truth

  2. rachel C. says

    both of you need to shut the fuck up, If you dont like the way they act then just dont watch the show. They are not on the show to be anyones “role model”, its entertaining.and obviously you agree because you continue to watch the show.

    also stop judging Chrissy, you do not know her personally or her story….

    • dsqueaks says

      I agree with everything Rachel said except the STFU part LOL

    • PR Diva says

      WOW! Rachel….it’s good to see you are so mature to those who have a different opinion that yourself.

    • chrissyaintshit says

      Rachel C sounds a little like chrissy herself,so Rachel C,are YOU chrissy? Hmm..

      • says

        LOL…it probably is her right? Too much hostility in that message for real!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so Rachel C should learn to take her own advice.

        • chrissyaintshit says

          Lol@A,I’ll co sign that;-)

  3. EightiesBaby says

    This is the footage I want to see, I want to see them bond on a girlfriend level and become real friends and not always fighting cause its not like they get to finish the fight so why amp it all up…lol…no really I enjoyed this more than I did Kimbella’s boxing matches with Chrissy & Erica…Im just sayin.

  4. says

    To see them bonding and supporting each other would be nice but like the very angry & nasty comments you hear is who cares…it’s more entertaining to see grown woman fighting!! Right?? Its scary when you see the previews of these shows that pretty much show the message…you don’t have to watch it at all to see them acting like jackasses. What’s funny to me is the support these shows get from angry people. You would think they are getting paid to defend these people and the funny thing is that the networks and cast members are all laughing all the way to the bank!!! So who is the joke on. I know it’s not a popular thing these days.. but really let’s try to elevate ourselves beyond this crap. Hopefully their relationships on the show will evolve but I wont hold my breath.

  5. says

    Ummmm, that is what we do. We age and go on to do bigger and better things. Women dont realize that your not officially grown until 30. But anyway, if your not aging YOUR DEAD!! And if I must say so myself, I just get better with age. Yes she is 40. And she is a grown ass woman making her money by making you tune in EVERY week to see who is next for her to punch in the damn face. She is on her business, because it is to bring you drama, And love it or hate it, YOU MAKE HER 40 YEAR OLD ASS RELEVANT!!!! GO CHRISSY

    • chrissyaintshit says

      Chandra I’m sorry that is NOT what we do,decent,respectful,educated,grown ass women with some class and sense DON’T go around with a chip on their shoulder and jealous,unfounded hate and insecurities about other women who is about their money or who is around their men trying to do business,now she may make money showing the world how petty,loud,insecure and childish she is,when is it ever ok to act like this over the age of 5? She was not even woman enough to admit she was out of line,wrong,apologize and then move on. The most classless,senseless and tackiness I’ve seen on a 42 year old grown female in a very long time. 42 yrs in age,5 yrs old in the mind.

      • says

        Great Comment!! It’s so good to know that there are still some strong minded, educated and articulate people still out there!! Who recognize there is something wrong with this image whether edited that way or not… It’s just wrong. I don’t mean to single out Chrissy and down this woman because I don’t know her at all, but her mission seems to be a real bully on the show of anybody & everyone on the show even her own man. I think they all have a story to tell, I just wish we could see that side of her instead of the angry, jealous black woman that can’t ever hold her temper with her friends or her man. It’s gotta come from people who wanna watch the show speaking out against it. It’s been argued that no one should be looked at or asked to be a “role model” on the show, which I agree but it just seems like they don’t even respect themselves enough to care. It is entertaining to watch them but I just wish we could see more than this from these ladies!!

        • chrissyaintshit says

          Once again,could not have said it better,kudos;-)

  6. DANCE4U says

    It seems like even after seeing this clip, you people who are opposed to Chrissy or whoever still don’t get the point. This was a whole lot of footage that didn’t even make the show. From what actually aired on television, its seems that most viewers were swayed into believing that there was barely any party, that people were barely drinking, talking, or getting along. Its all about HOW the producers want these characters portrayed and how they want us to think and react to their personalities. I think that this shows that Chrissy is a girlfriend. She’s funny, and they have good times. Maybe consider that the moments of her negativity is MAGNIFIED to portray her as this almost brute like figure, which this footage just proves isn’t entirely true. Start using your MIND and maybe instead of spending time bashing any of them, ask the question, why do these producers want to send these messages about black women? Because to me, if you aren’t familiar with this experience of Black women, it makes them look very involved in drama who use alcohol as an excuse and dispense money on red bottoms, even if its their last. But that’s not true!

  7. says

    Crissy needs to act her age. Know woman 40 yrs. old should be fightin in clubs, making a scene everywhere they go. Keepin it real is one thing,but as a woman u still have to know how to handle situations better them that. Grow the hell up.

  8. says

    I like the speed of online slots ! No standing in qeues, waiting for players to finish with a machine.

  9. Renee says

    Chrissy does look good for her age, but I knew she had to be around 30 something, because she act older. So, is she wants to have a child she needs to do it ASAP, because she is about 41 or 42 now. So, her clock been ticking for awhile.

  10. says

    i love this show n its really more hip hop then love but its all good


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