Chrissy and Jim Jones ENGAGED!! [Video]

Chrissy and Jim Jones engaged picture
Chrissy and Jim Jones engaged!

That’s right… Chrissy and Jim Jones are finally engaged! It was so awkward, Jim Jones didn’t bother to get on one knee when he proposed to Chrissy. Jim Jones just handed Chrissy the engagement ring. Chrissy had to ask Jim Jones to put the engagement ring on her finger! Watch the Chrissy and Jim Jones engaged video here!


  1. says

    I think you’re wrong! I think it was sincere and played out REAL! For once we have the word REAL in REALITY T.V. Jim Jones did it his way!

  2. prodebs says

    Congradulations it a beautiful thing when 2 people love each other.

  3. TaliciousVille says

    Hey she was happy that’s all that mattered….

  4. Robin says

    Beautiful Congrate Hun

  5. james says

    I looked at this and thought it was staged because it is reality TV who knows. Yet, I don’t think she is the ‘cry on cue” type. I think this was real. When she hugged him I knew it wasn’t staged. She meant it. He meant it. Of course he’s not going to show the emotion yet that woman was happy.

  6. james says

    Not to make a joke of it but she nodded her head yes and all that while crying was like she was giving her life to christ or something. LOL…that’s how sincere that cry was. You only see that in church a lot of times matter how I feel I just can’t hold this emotion back…yeah I am convinced she meant that and was happy. I can tell you what ..if you got somebody…don’t wait…take them because any woman who loves you won’t go away from you no matter what. All the stuff they have been through…

  7. KQren41 says

    i’m a chrissy fan til i die and now that jim did the right thing, i’m a fan of his too! i think it is awesome that she and him have this awesome connection..i only wish her parents coulda been there to see it…i guess that’s what made me so emotional because my father married me and my husband, and my mother was all up in the dressing room barking orders, and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! Chrissy, i’ll sing for you guys for free cuz i’m so happy! yessssssssss, i can sing, and i’m not interested in making no records! i just l0ve you guys!

  8. MJ is Cray says

    Why is she always so angry? She should’ve been happily surprised to see him!

  9. chrissyaintshit says

    @MJ,because the bitch is cray

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