WTF! Chrissy and Jim Jones Wedding To Be Held In Grandma’s SMALL CHURCH!! [Video]

Chrissy and Jim Jones picture
Chrissy and Jim Jones reveal their wedding plans. Chrissy and Jim Jones will be having a old fashion wedding in Grandma’s small church! There will be no huge destination wedding “made for TV” here folks.

Is Jimmy half assin’ his wedding?? He’s from HARLEM… they’re known for being FLASHY!

Watch Chrissy and Jim Jones’ interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez here!

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  1. Tightlipped says

    Jimmy did a one man play :/

  2. Jolynn says

    I feel that is too childish to always get in a fight with somebody! It is time to grow the fuck up and act like a lady that I know you can be!

  3. chrissyaintshit says

    Dont do it mayne!

  4. neeso says

    i am very happy for them he need to marry her heloves her. Quit hattin on Chrissy it is what it is she hasa manthat love her …everyone has flaws…so stop talking shit about her…be happyfor them that they r doin tha right thing before GOD…and alot of females wish for the thing she has so stop hatein and use that energy to get your own sh!t right…!

  5. chrissyaintshit says

    nesso stfu

  6. chrissyaintshit says

    ass kissin ass broad

  7. Janice Evans says

    I think that Chrissy is down for her crown, she stands for something and when you don’t stand for something you fall for anything, if anything Chrissy and Jim made the show, the only thing that went wrong was when they let that big lipped bitch Yandy on the show, she was the bitch that did not stand for anything referring to her so called kats as her paper, so leave Chrissy alone, I love Chrissy that’s the girl and a good girl at that!

  8. says

    Chrissy and Jim jones I miss the love and hip show, with u guys and mama jones. U guys made the show, love u all meachie.

  9. queenie says

    oh please chrissy need to grow a brain she do stand for something and thats foolishness and drama, yandy stands for what is right is right and whats wrong is wrong , thats on da real anybody who dont stand for fairness whats right is right wrong is wrong you triphalin !!! yeah anybody can stand for something but when you stand for wrong things it holds no value


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