Chrissy and Kimbella fight!!! (Love & Hip Hop: Season 2, Episode 1) [Video]

Chrissy and Kimbella fight 300x225 Chrissy and Kimbella fight!!! (Love & Hip Hop: Season 2, Episode 1) [Video]
Chrissy and Kimbella fight on Love & Hip Hop: season 2, episode 1.

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  • Lexis

    Wow dem hoes r crazy

    • sar

      there not hoes only kimbella is so get ya facts straight

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  • sunshyne26

    I would have beat that bitch down worse than that and everytime I saw her I would have been my fist down her throat!

  • carolyn

    Chrissy is a bully and like to fight people she think she can beat.

  • team fuck chrissy

    chrissy is a hater she just mad cuz kim look better then was not her place to fight kim..emily have a mouth nd didnt have a why get in ppl business..mad cuz her home must not be happy..ugly bitch..

  • kandyz

    OMG, Chrissy is crazy. If anyone should of been fighting it should of been Emily. Chrissy I hope you is reading this. You are a crazy female. I wouldnt hangout with you if someone paid me. I know the young 20years old ladies think this is cool. Young ladies this lady says though the show,”Keep it Classy.” Prime example of people just talking and not taking their own advise. She’s a bully that haven’t ran into the right person at the wrong time. Chrissy you should go to etiquette classes, you are to old(40 or 45) for that nonsense. I have a daughter that’s 21 and is classy, but she looked and only saw that Kim was wrong and somebody should of bust Kim in the throat. True but it should of been Emily. I do understand why and yes she should of ladies(since u guys dont have real women to look up to and women who give good advise). Chrissy acts like she might have some secrets in the closet. Mr. J J better know what he’s getting into, because if he’s not a man that put his hands on women, with that personality and mouth it might happen. I started off being a fan of Chrissy, i started watching the show by mistake. I thought I saw a artist that I for got her name but been with on her to come out with something(if she already had something out they didnt play it in the D-Detroit) Olivia, then i started watching it because i wanted to find out what’s going on with her because she was great. So i saw Chrissy talking in 2. She sound like a positive black woman that I was thinking about doing business with her(starting a mentoring service for young and older black women) then I saw her fighting, O no and she calls every woman a bitch, yeah you classy alright. LADIES IT’S NOT OK TO CALL YOU SISTERS BITCH. Believe me you already brand yourself. WOW. Chrissy you wear that cross on your neck and quick to call you sister names and judge people. Chrissy you are better then this, I know, I felt you, I understood, I’m also woman. KEEP IT CLASSY

    • kandyz

      Guys sorry I didnt re-read this, I’m just over whelmed with these women.

      • gurt

        chrissy is not a bitch u r hater chrissy should have beat tht bitch u see emily wasnt plus emily had just broke up wit him and it was a time to forget fab this message is 4 KANDYZ

        • LMAO


    • imthatdiva

      One word JEALOUSY…. Chrissy did that, & FUCK Kimbella hoe ass and Juelz broke down ass! Bitch done wrote a fuckn book @kandyz

  • Shaunae


  • mya

    Chrissy can’t fight for shit she’s a ghetto fat nasty punk bum ass bitch she obviously got kimbella off guard.

  • KQren41

    i am a chrissy fan…she can do no wrong as far as i’m concerned! she was hurt that Kimbella was so wreckless with her mouth and she has been w/Emily from day 1 w Fab…i have been in her shoes and took a babe outta her shoes for hurting one of my girls! you go Chrissy!…if i had to pick a girl-friend to have my back, it darn sure wouldnt be Kimbella or Yandy!

  • Rita Chandler


  • Bre

    Chrissy beat that bitch.ass straight goon shit that what im tlking bout GOON….#TEAMChrissy….<3

  • alex

    I think chrissy gt problem easy to get mad , she act like her friends cant nt b friends with her enemys she act like they have to choose sides. I think chrissy shld nt return for the 3rd season the show will b better without her. And to yandy you is so fine and thick and classy with it lots of my homeboys agree .so keep up the,good work

  • http://love&hiphop missjamaica

    Omg thats good Chrissy kicked kimbella ass bitch you was worng

  • Tahb

    Chrissy is a”REAL” friend. Emily was defineately in a state of sock hearing that news. Emily was having a girl’s night out to help her feel better and to give her a sense of support. Infedelity “KIM” was one of the reasons why Emily made her decision to move on. Kim had no reason no place and no reason to be there. The fight wasn’t Chissy’s but I’m sure,as a friend, she felt Emily’s pain & felt like she needed to woop that @! t# h ASS. Kim deserved it & Chrissy is a true friend!

  • zz


  • Nicole

    It was a better way to let Emily about the fling you had with Fab…knowing she is trying to move on but still emotional Kim should have pulled her to the side. How would you want to hear that shit in front of everybody or privately???