Chrissy Fights Kimbella on Love & Hip Hop Season 2 [Trailer] (Video)

Chrissy fights Kimbella photo

***UPDATE 11-15-2011***
Chrissy and Kimbella fight!!! (Love & Hip Hop: Season 2, Episode 1) [Video]

Chrissy gets into a fight with Juelz Santana’s baby-mama Kimbella on Love & Hip-Hop Season 2! Kimbella is the newest cast member to join the show. Watch Chrissy fight Kimbella on Love & Hip Hop Season 2 here!

The new season of Love and Hip Hop premieres Monday, November 14th at 9/8c!


  1. Tightlipped says

    HYELL YEA! ima be watchin!

  2. says

    – That Grl On THee Floor Got Haa Ass Woopd Flat Out , !! Hella MAd iDidnt See That Hopee IT COmee On Againn Causee iWanna See That Btch GEt HAa Ass Woopd…. !!!!!! ; )

  3. says

    Go chrissy go,sometimes u have to let folks know what time it is,n how not to freak with u the wrong way,u cant blame her for it.its just like sayn a woman comes to ur moms houz n disrespects her at her party,that comment shouldnt of never been made,somethings are better left alone n unsaid.n u have to realize when u do dumb sht there r consequences n sometimes n invovles getn ur butt beat simple

  4. says

    chrissy is a savage! kimbella needs to shut up or put up

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