CNN’s Anderson Cooper RIPS Chris Brown (The Ridiculist) [Video]

CNN Anderson Cooper rips Chris Brown picture
CNN’s Anderson Cooper rips Chris Brown for consistently making mistakes then apologizing. Yes, we understand everybody makes mistakes… nobody is perfect. C. Breezy deserves a chance to redeem himself, but expect the media to criticize him each time he f*cks up. He’s underneath the microscope. Chris, please don’t say anything slick on your Twitter page… let this one fly by.


  1. Tedo says

    Anderson Cooper it will be a great hit Chris Brown attached. Maybe they should add a gay scene with you in it because thats what this is really all about. You are being defensive because Chris Brown said something about the gays. Grow up Anderson Cooper, your hair is to snow white to be following up foolishness. See you at the movies

  2. Bloody Mary says

    Chris Brown, what a chump. Casting him in a romantic comedy is like casting Michael Vick in Marley & Me.

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