Erica Mena FIGHT Caught On Tape in NAIL SALON! [Video]

erica mena fight
Another Erica Mena fight was caught on tape… this time in a Manhattan nail salon, while filming was going on. The Erica Mena and Tiffany Foxx fight was allegedly over Tiffany’s past relationship with Rich Dollaz!

We don’t understand why Erica Mena shouted, “Love and Hip-Hop can suck my d**k!” They only set up the situation which probably included inviting Tiffany Foxx to the party inside the nail salon… it’s up to Erica how she decides to conduct herself. smh


  1. mitzi says

    Erica is a real liability!! I’ve be scared to engage in business inform with her. I don’t understand how a pretty girl can carry such a dark cloud with her. That proves that beauty is only skin deep,cause she is miserable on the in side.I hope she gets help one day soon before she completely ruins herself. Something clearly wrong with Erica. I wish you the best of luck in your career and personal life.! 😉

  2. Emerald says

    Erica mena you are the best fighter


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