Esther Baxter Details Abuse From Joe Budden! [Video]

Esther Baxter picture

Esther Baxter recounts the night she was abused and beaten by rapper Joe Budden. Esther dropped the charges, but blasts Joe Budden for killing their unborn child. (Click here for pictures.)

Bossip reports:

By now many folks have heard Joe Budden’s song “Ordinary Love Sh*t Pt. 3″ which details his turbulent relationship with Esther Baxter, including the night of violence that split them apart and claimed the life of their unborn baby.

As you might imagine, Esther never wanted her personal life to become public fodder, but since that decision was taken out of her hands she is speaking out and giving the world her side.

Sadly, Joe Budden beating Esther Baxter doesn’t come as a surprise to me. Joe Budden rapped about putting his hands on Tahiry in the song Downfall.

Esther Baxter is basically saying exactly what Tahiry said in this interview.

Joe Budden rapped:

what’s his name, where’s he live
what is it he offers? what’s he got to give?
and I love you so much that when I caught onto your fibs
I hit you like a man, you wore it in your ribs

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Joe Budden will be appearing on NYC’s Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club tomorrow (May 10th) morning.

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  1. Little LB says

    If you were so upset about him “killing” your unborn baby, why did you go right back to him, having sex with him? I would never let a man even TOUCH me again if he really did something like that to me. Thats whyI think you are lying. Or you just didnt care and only care now that he has a song and you can get some publicity out of the death of your child.


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