Face of Darkness Documentary [Video]

NEW YORK – February 20, 2014 – What did Don Cornelius, Michael Jackson, Chris Lighty and Lee Thompson have in common? The short answer: they all lived in darkness.

With the recent suicides of friend and actor Thompson and Hampton University alum, Yusuf Neville, filmmakers Squeaky Moore and Kenneth “KT” Nelson decided to take a stand against an issue that has become more prevalent in the African American community, specifically males. Their upcoming documentary, FACE OF DARKNESS, showcases mental health specialists, Terrie Williams and Dr. Jeffrey Gardere, and deals with the rising suicide rates and depression in African American males.

Watch the “Face of Darkness” documentary video below.

FACE OF DARKNESS documents the experience of depression affecting the African American community over the last decade, and even more, explores the growing epidemic of suicide amongst its male population. The film also minimizes the stigma, exposes the aftermath of when depression is not treated.

According to CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, depression is an illness that affects more than 14 million Americans every year-black, white, young, and old. Despite these statistics, African Americans seek help for depression far less often than whites.

“As an African American male, I was taught that a man could not express his feelings and never to cry,” said Nelson. “There is a stigma in my community that prevents males from sharing emotions, hugging or admitting that we are afraid.”

Face of Darkness website: www.faceofdarknessdocumentary.com

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