Flaming Lips, Erykah Badu – The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face [Video]

Here’s the video for The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face by Flaming Lips and Erykah Badu. We watched the entire video in slow motion!


  1. DaddysStarFire says

    The f*ck was that!

    • says

      1. psychedelic art video that gets people talking and sells records.

      2. AWESOME

  2. Baduworld says

    “The video link that was erroneously posted on Pitchfork by the Flaming Lips of the Music Video ‘The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face’, which features Erykah Badu, is unedited and unapproved.. Sorry!! We, the Flaming Lips, accept full responsibility for prematurely having Pitchfork post it. It has outraged and upset a segment of fans and we apologize if we offended any viewers!!! This is a Flaming Lips video which features Erykah Badu and her sister Nayrok and is not meant to be considered an Erykah Badu or Nayrok statement, creation, or approved version.” Posted by http://www.baduworld.com

    • Gina says

      This is so sad for Erykah Badu and even her sister. They have both been exploited and we’re talking about women who should never experience this in the 21st Century. I would expect this in “Third World Countries”. Shame, shame, shame. If I were Erykah Badu, I would immediately fire/release the men involved who have exploited you. You are a magnificent woman with a God-given talent and you do not deserve this exposure. It is so wrong!!

      “This too shall pass.” My heart goes out to you and your family, Erykah.

      • Chris says

        How can you exploit two grown ass women. Be real, they did some whack shit and people were like what the f*#k is Erykah this now shes a victim. Get off that s#@t lady. Are women that dumb and naive, I hope not but maybe they are if every bad decision they make is someone exploiting them.

        • Kevin says

          You could not have said any better than that. :). Great Point!

      • Stephanie says

        Lol that’s just silly, she’s not letting anyone exploit her. She involved in this video clip because she likes it! I admire her courage and this video is wonderful.

  3. Maria says

    What is really up with this? Please I need someone to explain what is really going on? I am lost with this??????HELP me understand!!!!:*(

    • Brittani says

      Heeloo,me too I am a big Erykah badu fan but I just do not understand this what is the piont behind it.I love the song but but the video i don’t know !!! – –
      ___ !!!

      • says

        ok, first ya have to know that the flaming lips are this really crazy psychedelic band, they’ve been doing their thing for ages and are really considered classic left-field anything-goes indie rock guys – not unlike erykah in the r&b world. a collaboration between them seems like a great idea, and i think the song is awesome (if you’re into that sorta thing. it’s not really r&b) i think to really get the video, you gotta see the “music video” for the original version. it was a featured song in “play misty for me (1971) starring and directed by clint eastwood, who does this totally cool 70’s softcore porn love scene for the entire length of the song. clint’s a music fan, i think he played a role in getting roberta flack signed, and for sure that scene really helped break her out to a wider audience. also, it’s got nekkid people in it. now, the flaming lips are total 70’s pop culture heads, and they love referencing and twisting that whole decade in their work, it’s sorta their thing. tell me if you see the (slight) similarity between the videos:


        the waterfall sex scene for instance. plus, artsy-and-shit but completely gratuitous nudity to sell a record. anyway you gotta put this on the lips, not erykah. i’m surprised her sister didn’t warn her!

        • Dannielle says

          Excellent Explanation.

        • DG says


    • DG says


  4. Guy says

    I dont think it’s as bad as people make it out, though it’s not great. I’d say it starts with glitter, its pretty, she is a bit erotic in it. Then blood, same movements but for some reason much more disgusting than the glitter. I’d say the last one was cum, covering the girls in it shows are perverted view of how men see women and their body as sex objects to be used up.

  5. AZ says

    Maybe it is going backward. Very simplistic interpretation, yet it all starts with cum, then we are born in blood. And the glitter part, not sure, could be the feeling that was felt when his/her/its (whatever the song refers to) face was seen first time.)

  6. says

    I thought it was freaking awesome.

  7. says

    all of you guys realize that is her sister who is naked with the blood and cum and glitter and the video signifies the evolution of love listen to the lyrics she is in glitter symbolizing the first meeting the glitter gold stage of love then her in the blood symobolises her exposing herself you dont truly know someone until you know their cycle lol its like exposing her “lady parts” or womanhood in all its imperfections and it ends with the full giving of herself with the cum she has taken the final step in love…i mean thats my opinion i see it..and also this wasnt edited the right way

    • AZ says

      This is the version which drove Badu crazy since it was published before she was consulted, right?

      • Tracy says


    • Dexter says

      the glitter part is eyrkah’s sister…but the cum and blood was eyrkah you can tell by the face.

      • different says

        cum and blood is her sister because her sister is the one with braids.

    • reginarenee says

      thanks I believe we just confirm each other , this was similar to my thought as well.

  8. Dexter says

    this is song and music video is soo stupid…it has no meaning and also was it even necessary to be naked for this video……..i feel sorry for erykahs children to know that their mom and aunt did some dumb stuff like this.

  9. kdubb says

    Don’t care about the song, or group, just watched to see E. Badu’s body over & over again!!! ;p
    Cum??? I thought it was cake mix. (now Im grossed…)

    • Stephanie says

      Your comment made me lol and I thought it was butter milk 😀

  10. Gemma says

    This is all just a publicity stunt, right? Including the arguing.
    Btw. she has a funny belly button.

  11. NaturallyMi says

    I’ve loved many of Erykah Badu’s previous works whether it be Music, production,spoken word,videos etc. I’ve been a fan of hers for a very long time and my honest opinion is that she and her sister were not truly exploited … You have to examine the video and the stars of the video , which part was not meant to be ??? was it the nudity? was it the Blood? was it the semen bath? I mean really what was not approved of ? I think that Erykah definitely meant to be fully nude if not she would not have had her and her sister naked there.. I also think she meant to have the glitter, blood and semen as symbols of something she went thru or experienced, the only that was not liked by Erykah was the response from the public/masses of people saying wtf she hadn’t counted on that type of response from so many ppl and now she wants to save face by disconnecting herself from the project saying she had not approved of it ….

  12. says

    OMG Elfein Leid (sp) is my number best anime I ever seen made me cry and im watching HOTD for the forth time.

  13. the realest says

    this song is about a female loosing her vaginity.

  14. roy clements says

    that was some crraaaazzzzzzzzzy shit i loved it cant wait to star in my own video like that but im not letting my brother be in it .

  15. greeneyes says

    Erica that pussy and ass is so phat I know its the bomb!!!!

  16. clayton says

    i think the video was close to the edge but i could also see the artistic side of it the way i feel erica can and probably will do it again. great work, i can,’t wait for the next edgy video from her.


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