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Thread: TL loves the LADIES but THIS RITE CHERE! Is where I draw the line with a THOT…smh

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    Default TL loves the LADIES but THIS RITE CHERE! Is where I draw the line with a THOT…smh

    Once upon a time Nelly and Ashanti dated for 8 years...

    Nelly cheats on Ashanti
    Nelly openly dates Lashontae
    Nelly goes back to Ashanti

    than the "BISH PLEASE" MOMENT...

    Nelly is photoed out with Ashanti and Lashontae posts:

    These heaxs kill me turnin into the "voice of reason" for other women after they chickens done came home to roost... Its called KARMA was u worried about where self worth begin and not letting urself down when u was talkin photos with Nelly weeks after he and Ashanti split...
    "A man is what he thinks about all day long-emerson-"

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    NOTHING TO SEE HERE (save the picture to your desktop, upload to imgur, then paste here)
    needs to be fix

    TL im going to become a male whore (only to ladies)
    TL you can pay me in happy meals and capri sun

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    the word "thot" peaked last year

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    Take this gossip **** to Lipstick Alley

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    Arrow Ashanit and Nelly back together again...

    Quote Originally Posted by we got doe View Post
    Take this gossip **** to Lipstick Alley


    ... i'ma add this.

    This might be true.. it might not.

    It was Super Bowl weekend. they're both stars. They don't hate each other us.

    Ashanti interviewed Nelly just last year on Fuse --> Ashanti Interviews Her Ex-Boyfriend Nelly [Video] -

    Necole B and Tae Heckard got some type of relationship (i'm assuming, based off this pic Tae posted only 7 days ago. Necole doesn't just make up stories on her blog)
    Necole Back Together? Ashanti & Nelly Spotted Partying With Diddy After The Super Bowl

    Necole posted this...

    ...there's also this photo floating around...

    I don't get why Ashanti feel the need to rub it in Tae's face if that's really Nelly chain. he just put that same chain around another chick neck... That don't make you special or "the one" ... they both gettin played. Nelly like a kid in a candy store with both of em.

    OKay... it's whatever. i'm done.... til more new pics of Ashanti and Nelly together surfaces.

    NELLY Like... ASHANTI was SICK... But What I Did Was Get TAE HECKARD a much BADDER B*TCH!!

    Look up in the sky and tell me what you see
    The clouds, naw nigga, not me
    I see opportunity, I'm a opportunist
    Nigga, you heard what I said, "I'm a opportunist"

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    Quote Originally Posted by RasheedLateef View Post
    the word "thot" peaked last year

    and people sound wrong usin it

    thats legit chiraq lingo, leave that to them nigg@s

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