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Thread: Japan Breeds a Ramen Robot [video]

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    I LOVE WALE, LUPE & CUDI Japan Breeds a Ramen Robot [video] Orchid's Avatar
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    Default Japan Breeds a Ramen Robot [video]

    Momozono Robot Ramen shop in Yamanashi, Japan is gaining popularity thanks to a robot that mixes ramen based on customer preferences reports Mainichi Daily News. Japanese engineers seem hell-bent on replacing human chefs with robots.

    Ramen revelers can customize their orders, via a computer screen, by choosing different levels of levels of soy sauce, salt, and richness of the soup. Momozono Robot Ramen founder and ramen robot inventor, Yoshihira Uchida, claims that more than 40 million different flavors can be created.

    For now, the noodles are cooked and inserted into the custom-machinated broth by a "human chef," but Uchida hopes to develop a way to automate this process and make his mark through mass production of the robot.

    The robot cost about $200,000 to construct. Small bowls of ramen go for about $3 and large bowls are priced at around $5, with the whole process taking about two minutes per bowl.

    We're all about novelty, but for those of us that donít have the superhuman taste buds required to discern between the millions of flavor nuances, or the need to eat immediately after ordering, couldnít they have given the ramen robot some personality? Watch the video to see it in action.

    Video: Ramen Robot in Action

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    Default Re: Japan Breeds a Ramen Robot [video]

    they got tha ramen noodles on

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    *POSTING SOMEWHERE* Japan Breeds a Ramen Robot [video] onevaguy's Avatar
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    Default Re: Japan Breeds a Ramen Robot [video]

    Yea they got that all to them selfs!

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    Catch Up Newbies Japan Breeds a Ramen Robot [video] cleaves05's Avatar
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    Default Re: Japan Breeds a Ramen Robot [video]

    that seems to be more of a machine, but I want my noodles made in that fashion lol.

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