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Thread: WTF Man Clocked Goin 180Mph , $1Million FINE

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    Default WTF Man Clocked Goin 180Mph , $1Million FINE

    Swedish Motorist Facing World's Biggest Speeding Fine $1 Million
    Police with the black Mercedes Benz they caught doing 180mph -- Photo: AFP

    Unfortunately for this driver of the latest gullwing Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Switzerland doesnít have fixed fines for speeding. Instead they use a formula parallel to that in Finland where the fine is calculated based on the vehicleís speed and the driverís income. A rather smart speeding fine formula. Back in 2002, Nokia executive Anssi Vanjoki had to wage a fine of $103,600 for going 75 kph (47 mph) in a 50 kph (31 mph) zone.

    In this latest instance, the driver faces a fine of just over $1 million for traveling at the highest speed ever recorded on a public road in Switzerland.

    Yes, youíve seen it correct, $1 million!

    Apparently the SLS escaped being clocked by several older cameras that are limited to 200kph (125 mph) before finally being recorded by a new camera with a higher radar speed range.

    His excuse: The speedometer was faulty.


    This is the most expensive speeding ticket ever issued, though there are reports of a kid who last April was caught speeding in his dadís Bugatti Veyron, the penalty for which was permanent seizure of the vehicle. Fail!
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