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Thread: Is it too soon to be making jokes about the WTC?

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    Default Is it too soon to be making jokes about the WTC?

    It's been 80 years since Hindenburg, and people make fun of it all the time. I remember seeing a Looney Tunes cartoon where Elmer Fudd got blown up on it and Bugs Bunny screamed "Oh the humanity!"

    It's been nearly a decade since WTC. How many more years before we can we start poking fun at it?

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    i dont think its a time to really make fun of a tragedy but the thing is that when 9/11 comes around we only care about that day and we become all into how it was on that day in '01 and what you was doing and the remembrance ceremony in the morning but by mid afternoon people stop being somber about what happen and get on with their lives
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