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Thread: Man Spanks His Child and is Headed for Trial

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    Default Man Spanks His Child and is Headed for Trial

    The question of whether paddling a youngster is child abuse likely will be decided by a jury.

    The child-abuse case involving a Poynette pastor who paddled his son hard enough to cause bruises as a form of discipline is headed for trial.

    Barry W. Barnett Jr., 43, stood mute Thursday on a charge of felony physical abuse of a child after he appeared at a preliminary hearing.

    Judge Daniel George entered a not guilty plea for Barnett after he ruled that the case will continue, saying that cases must head to trial when there is conflicting evidence about whether a felony was committed.

    "It is the jury that will have the ultimate decision in this case," George said.

    Barnett allegedly used a paddle - described as two feet long, four inches wide and 3/4 inch thick - to strike the boy on the buttocks twice - once on each cheek - on June 4, according to a criminal complaint. Barnett struck hard enough to cause purplish bruises about four inches in width, the complaint stated.

    A jury trial date has not been set.

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    Default Re: Man Spanks His Child and is Headed for Trial

    damn, was the paddle necessary? i feel sometimes u DO have to discipline ur kids, but there's always some crazy neighbor or smt that will report u for child abuse

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