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Thread: Teen fired from KFC,...then robs it

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    He's On Fire! Teen fired from KFC,...then robs it HipHop.I.AM's Avatar
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    Default Teen fired from KFC,...then robs it

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South teenager fired from a Kentucky Fried Chicken store is accused of returning a day later to rob his former employer.Teen fired from KFC,...then robs it

    Ezederick Jones is charged with attempted aggravated robbery.

    According to the affadavit of complaint, Jones was fired from a local KFC Friday afternoon. Investigators say he returned to the store Saturday morning wearing a ski mask and wielding a knife.

    The female manager refused to hand money over to Jones, and the two scuffled. The eyeholes in his ski mask were large, and the manager recognized Jones and called out his name.

    After he fled the scene, Jones was found nearby at the home of his mother, Bessie Hearns.

    She says her son worked at KFC for a year, and acknowleged that he had trouble with store managers. But Hearn says she doesn't believe he committed the crime. She says he's a good kid, an aspiring artist and a recent high school graduate.

    "I don't think he did it, I don't think he did it. Ezederick is not capable of doing anything like that," Hearns said.

    Jones is being held on a $75,000 bond.

    He's scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning.
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    OhEmGee Teen fired from KFC,...then robs it Fresh2defsheis's Avatar
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    Default Re: Teen fired from KFC,...then robs it


    Ponder The Question NOT The Answer!

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    *POSTING SOMEWHERE* Teen fired from KFC,...then robs it onevaguy's Avatar
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    Default Re: Teen fired from KFC,...then robs it

    Come on now lol

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