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Thread: AZ Readies N.4.L (N*ggaz 4 Life) Mixtape With DJ Absolut

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    Thumbs up AZ Readies N.4.L (N*ggaz 4 Life) Mixtape With DJ Absolut

    Rapper AZ joined forces with DJ Absolut to release a controversial new mixtape titled N.4.L (N*ggaz 4 Life).

    N.4.L. is a concept mixtape with references to the history of Black people. With songs such as "Knowledge Freedom," "Runaway Slave," "Conspiracy," "Negro Spiritual," and "Self Savior, AZ paints a picture of the life and the feelings of Black people.

    The mixtape follows Nas formerly titled album N*gger but the rapper makes it clear that there is a difference.

    I'm not doing N.4.L. to be in Nas' shadow," AZ said I was inspired by the message behind the movement. I'm just adding to the concept because the message is so powerful. It's about our culture and our people. He and I are cut from the same cloth, so I understood where he would have gone with it if the forces hadn't intervened."

    The controversial title already caused some noise. "The title N.4.L. has a dual meaning for me. The first suggests that no matter what you achieve in life, as a black man, even if you become President of the United States, in someone's eyes, you'll always be looked at as a 'n*gga for life,'" AZ said.

    "I'm from the '80s era and our experiences with the 'n' word are different. Growing up, 'n*gga' was just our way of communicating and acknowledging each other. You might roll up on someone and say what's up my n*gga. Depending on who is saying it, you may not be offended. Although I understood what my mom and grandparents felt about the word, it's not the experience of our generation," he added.

    AZs mixtape N.4.L. will drop on August 5.
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    GRANDPA AZ IS BACK :lmao002: HE DIDN'T GIVE UP YET!!:usuck002:
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