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Thread: Murs - Paid Dues Tour Webisode 1

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    Shut Up and Drink! Murs - Paid Dues Tour Webisode 1 Top shelf's Avatar
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    Default Murs - Paid Dues Tour Webisode 1

    This is for all you Murs Stans

    YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

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    The Underground... Murs - Paid Dues Tour Webisode 1 Sarachi Sauce's Avatar
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    Default Re: Murs - Paid Dues Tour Webisode 1

    keewl! thanks shelf..blueprint should've been saying **** instead of stfu...
    Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.
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