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Thread: KRS-One Says, "F*ck XXL." | News Stan

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    Product of Determination KRS-One Says, "F*ck XXL." | News Stan Opportunist's Avatar
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    Default KRS-One Says, "F*ck XXL." | News Stan

    Check out KRS-One's inteview with... XXL below!

    For More on this, click here...

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    I LOVE WALE, LUPE & CUDI KRS-One Says, "F*ck XXL." | News Stan Orchid's Avatar
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    Default Re: KRS-One Says, "F*ck XXL." | News Stan

    i cant stand this big ass bell pepper nose nigga... he getting his panties in a twist because he has yet to be on the cover of XXL...nigga go sit your ass down

    he bitching and crying cause nobody is paying attention to him ...FYI nigga people not gonna pay attention to you if your fishing with Scarface and not making music that anyone has heard in years
    Lead Yourself ~Wasalu Jaco~

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