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Thread: Kanye Interview From Jail

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    Default Kanye Interview From Jail

    Not to be out done by TMZ, your boy Archie was able to get an exclusive jailhouse interview with Kanye. Thatís right Ye used his one phone call to clear the matter up right here at Pulse Report.

    Archie: Ye what happened man? You really lost your cool out there.

    Kanye: Man, it's so hard not to act reckless. We rappers are role models we rap we don't think.

    Archie: As I recall I know you love to showoff, but this was a bit over the top. No?

    Kanye: The prettiest people do the ugliest things.

    Archie: How will you settle this matter? Will you issue an apology?

    Kanye: I hate these n*gga's more than the Nazis.

    Archie: Does that mean youíre going to continue to fight the paparazzi?

    Kanye: Get arrested, guess until, they get the message

    Archie: How are they treating you in jail?

    Kanye: I say f*ck the police, thatís how I treat em.

    Archie: Alright Kanye, appreciate your time. Keep your love lockdown in there bruh.
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    Default Re: Kanye Interview From Jail

    I don't believe Ye said these things

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    Default Re: Kanye Interview From Jail

    :lmao002: did u get those lyrics from it all falls down

    month afta month afta month afta month afta month

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    Default Re: Kanye Interview From Jail

    Quote Originally Posted by Top shelf View Post
    I don't believe Ye said these things
    I don't think so either
    Lead Yourself ~Wasalu Jaco~

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    Default Re: Kanye Interview From Jail

    LOL i never seen this thread,..but of course he didnt say those things, they are lyrics from random Kanye songs.............**** was funny though
    Do not bark up this tree,....this tree will fall on you..

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