look im truly neutral when it comes to hip hop/rap..well..except when it comes to the likes of soulja boy,VIC, and various other rappers who cant actually put a rhyme together but thats another story, so i was reading this article on this unnamed site ( im sure u will know what site it was) and i wanted to know from an unbiased opinion what u guys think about this:

Now based on the first week…multiple music media outlets and blogs jumped out the window and labeled T.O.S. as an overwhelming flop..some calling G-unit to disband permanently as a group..but do the numbers add up to the END OF THE G-UNIT? ....crunch the numbers...and decide for yourself

Where does T.O.S. stand among the top 10 other hip hop groups released in the last TWO years

1.UGK- 156,000
2. Bone Thugs- 116,000
3. G-unit-102,000
4. U.S.D.A- 93,000
5. N.E.R.D- 81,000
6. Three six Mafia-71000
7. Wu-Tang Clan-67,000
8. The Roots-54,000
9. Eightball & MJG-45,000
10.Crime Mob-22,000

Does this mean that every group below G-units first weeks' sales must end it's career immediately?

is it truly a flop,is it just another excuse, is it that we just have a higher expectation level for g-unit,or did all those other albums on the list suck too lol?

comments appreciated :happy002: