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Thread: Lupe vs. Talib Kweli

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    Default Lupe vs. Talib Kweli

    i noticed a few lupe stans and i wanted to know who is the **** personally imma pick kweli cuz i dont think lupe can hold a candle to him and plus his body of work is just much greater then Lupe's

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    I LOVE WALE, LUPE & CUDI Lupe vs. Talib Kweli Orchid's Avatar
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    Default Re: Lupe vs. Talib Kweli

    ok i am a HUGE Lupe Fiasco fan and to me there actually is no comparison between Talib and Lupe. I love Lupe because to me he is different then the typical rapper who is out and different from the hip hop artist that were out before him. When he Lupe raps he normally tells a story which is something that many other rappers use to do and to tell you the truth it was very entertaining. Many people talk about the exact same thing about hoes, guns, drugs and money. Lupe doesn't do that. He did explain that situuation ina song and placed them as characters. He makes you put a different perspective on what we already know; the game, the streets, and the cool.

    The Coolest - Lupe Fiasco
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    Default Re: Lupe vs. Talib Kweli

    lYRICALLY ...........................

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