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Thread: Plies = Da Realist?

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    Shut Up and Drink! Plies = Da Realist? Top shelf's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
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    Default Plies = Da Realist?

    Anybody listen to this CD? Is it a weed plate?

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    ...... Plies = Da Realist? Fabulous's Avatar
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    Default Re: Plies = Da Realist?

    lol no one cares.....deleting....
    "One hand full of ****... does not equal a fist full of dollars!" -50 Cent

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    Product of Determination Plies = Da Realist? Opportunist's Avatar
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    Default Re: Plies = Da Realist?

    Good question...he first second album, definition of real sux'd i passes on the 3rd.

    he's a clown that wears lots of fake jewelery.
    Look up in the sky and tell me what you see
    The clouds, naw nigga, not me
    I see opportunity, I'm a opportunist
    Nigga, you heard what I said, "I'm a opportunist"

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