Can you feel it? Change is in the air. This Fall, the voice of a generation will be heard, and a fresh-faced leader will make their bid to lead a troubled culture into a bright new future. That's right, Murs (shorthand for Making Underground Raw ****) wants to be the president of hip-hop. The underground west coast hip-hop luminary wants to change not only the rap scene, but also the way it's presented on television and radio. Of course, it won't be an easy campaign, since there's already a self-designated CEO, and every rapper these days seems required to drop a line or two about how they're the best alive.

As Murs explained to "Get ready to go support Murs For President 'cause your money is your vote. If you spend your money, you should be buying dope ****. [Labels] don't care, they just want money, whatever makes money. So if you spend your money on the right ****, that's your real vote. Vote for Barack or whoever this fall, but vote with your dollars on September 30th for Murs For President, so that -- Atmosphere, Brother Ali and everything -- you'll see that on the radio. That's what I wanna see on MTV and radio."

We kinda wanna see Murs on MTV too, now that he mentions it. He is, of course, one of the freshest voices in underground hip-hop, but the dude's hair qualifies as a marvel of modern engineering all on its own:
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And if you just can't wait for Murs for President to come out, he's still got your back. His collabo-album with 9th Wonder, Sweet Lord, will soon be available for free this week on Murs' website until the album drops in stores. Now that's change we can believe in. Catch him on the star-studded "Rock The Bells" tour this summer