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Thread: you buyin these joints?

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    Default you buyin these joints?

    say what you want bout games personal problems. the dude can make music.
    you buyin LAX?
    dope boys= best track i've heard in a long time

    how bout jeezys new album, the recession?

    or Cam'ron's combeback joint crime pays? supposed to be sometime in november. you might not have been feelin it then, but if you go back and listen to that classic dipset music, mainly like diplomatic immunity 1... thats some fine ass music.

    i think these are three key albums. big and important for hip hop. these dudes aint known as lyricists (cept maybe game) but they definitely alot better than some of whats out there. gangsta rap from ny, atl, and LA.

    you coppin?

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    Product of Determination you buyin these joints? Opportunist's Avatar
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    Default Re: you buyin these joints?

    the only album i'm buying...well I'll purchase it thru I-Tunes is Jeezy's The Recession....
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    He's On Fire! you buyin these joints? HipHop.I.AM's Avatar
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    Default Re: you buyin these joints?

    Im copping that Young Jizzle 4sure :happy002:
    Do not bark up this tree,....this tree will fall on you..

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    Shut Up and Drink! you buyin these joints? Top shelf's Avatar
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    Default Re: you buyin these joints?

    I'm coping Jizzel's and TIP's albums no doubt!

    The others I'll be checking for my dude IronStreets in the Circuit

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