I’m White And Pregnant From A Black Man [Ask Diva]

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I have a little issue. I have been with my boyfriend for several years, a couple of years ago we decided to have a baby. We tried and tried and nothing I never got pregnant. Eventually we broke up for a short period of time and we promised each other that we would not sleep with anyone else. Well I did and now I’m pregnant from the one night stand. I got back with my ex and 1 month later I told him I was pregnant from him, he thinks the baby I am carrying is his. Yeah its easy to lie and say it is his but the problem is that we are both white and the person I had a one night stand with is black. What to do?

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DAYUMN!!!!!!!!! Girl there is nothing you can do about it now. You are going to have to tell him that you got slayed by a big Mandingo and know you’re knocked up. I wouldn’t stress it to much, he’s white there is a 99% chance he will stay with you and raise this little one. Now girls don’t get any ideas cause a brother or Latino will can your sweet candy a$$. See but if you had a Latino or a black man you aren’t going through any “time out” and making these empty promises to each other. Cause boo when its over its over and it’s a free for all after. Meaning any of you would be able to f*#k anyone you want. However in your situation I would just tell him the truth he ain’t going anywhere anyway. Women if you are going to sleep around make sure you use condoms. American women are the leading rate of single women raising kids with no father. Men step up, yes she might have been a hoe and it was a one night thing but now its a a lifetime thing. You don’t need to be with her to raise your kids.




  1. Cuckold says

    Wow if he doest help you raise the child I will! Are you hot? You must be if that brotha didnt want to use a condom or pull out! Id let you date black guys too. As much as you wanted. Im white, straight, educated and attractive. Contact me!

  2. john says

    Wow, this is stupid and racist. Stay because they aare white? No. Fuck that bitch, she made that bed, now she has to lie in it.

    • dude says

      She’s disgusting

  3. john says

    alone. as a penniless, stupid whore.

  4. Shocked says

    Well I feel for you kid. You think you got trouble , well let me tell you what I have going on. I am 43, getting a devorce and pregnant. It is not my soon to be X’s baby. I father of this baby is a very well hong 21 year old black guy. My daughter hooked me up with him. They dated a little bit but had to brake up over his size. I didn’t believe it at first. But seeing is believing. He basicly took control of me in the bed room and informed me that I was going to have his baby. I didn’t think that I would get knocked up but to my surprise here I am. When I told my daughter that I am pregnant she told me that he wanted to get her pregnant and would toss out her BC. So she ended it. I don’t know what I was thinking. Now that I am pregnant he has told me crazy stuff about how he wants to get as many white girls pregnant as he can. His 38 year old mother is so nasty to me. The thing is, she is no better than me. She is pregnant with a 28 year old and. I am due before she is so her grand baby is going to be older than her baby. Being pregnant over 40 is hell. I am tried all the time and stick. My Dc. say everything is going well and the baby is big. I turn 44 in a little over a month and am due is 2 months.

    • nice965 says

      It’s a real pity that your daughter didn’t fall pregnant of the same man at the same time, you would have been able to make many persons proud of you !!

    • pennrandall says

      Girl, you GOTTA get your daughter back with the birth daddy of your baby! Black men pregnating all the white girls in a household is growing thing now. There are only so many black men and too many white girls. so a family black stud is the best way to get all the white girls in a family to get pregnant so they all raise their babies together. Tres cool! Get your daughter back with your lover. Just lock them into the house and leave for a while and the black bro will take care of the rest. You will find it easier to raise your babies if you both are pregnant by black men. You will be an inspiration to white girls everywhere! Good luck!

      • dude says

        Nope she can suffer

    • E. Smith says

      What a crock of bullshit. I love the lying propagandists that get on these sites to spout bullshit to make themselves feel better. What a joke…. No one believes your dumb ass post, FYI.

    • E. Smith says

      You are an idiot.

    • dude says

      Ur a loser

  5. Susan M says

    It’s only natural for her to breed. That’s what young women do. Her guy didn’t breed her successfully so she sought out someone who would. She would have kept screwing several of them until she was pregnant. Years of evolusion in her dna would have kept that need to be pregnanted active in her. She should have told the black guy she was pregnant and married him if he would have her. He might have. Lots of black men love having a white girl on their arms. If she screwed him and got pregnant, she’s obviously not ashamed to have a black guy in her or penetrating her and putting his sperm in her. So why not marry him. This is not a black and white issue. It’s being responsible. She wanted to breed but went back to her security of that first relationship. I understand that but it’s only going to end badly. White or black, once he finds out the baby is not his, all hell is going to break loose. Then, an innocent child is going to be in the middle of it. Years ago, there was some type of morality practiced that ,in those days, woiuld have made her work it out with her boyfriend. Now, even white women up to 60 are screwing blacks in motels and can’t get enough of it. Their white husband don’t find them attractive anymore and the blacks do. all of this is natural to our flesh, to lust for the forbidden. as morality and the restrictions it once had on society, disappear, there will be end to it. The fabric of our civiliation is being unraveled one thread at a time, maybe one black penis at at time. Not the black and white issue, but not morality any more applies.

  6. Mr Black Guy says

    Hello to all you white guys that their white wives are carring a black baby.
    My goal is to get married woman pregnant…. I (we black men) want to stop white girls from having white babies. I go for the married women because I love knowing that this white girls love my black penis enough to risk everything to have it spraying my cum in her fertile baby hole. It blows my mind everytime I get to push my black penis into a white girl that is married and has the stretch marks from the last baby that came out of there. She knows what will happens when a guy cums in there but yet she still dose it. They all say the same thing, ” don’t cum in me I’m not on anything”. I always say the same thing to, “don’t worry baby, I know what I’m doing’. Then I think to myself “yes i know that I am going to cum in you as deep as I can”. I think that these married gils know that I am not going to pull out. I think that they are maybe looking for a way out of there marrages and this is what they need to go through with it. To date I have been able to get 8 married ladies pregnant. Three had abortions and five gave birth. Three are still married to there husbands and I pay child surport on 2 of them. I have been trying to get the18 year old daughter of one that i pay surport to pregnant. That will be the king concour for me it I am able. I am also working on giving a 46 year hottie and bulging belly. If i am able she will be the oldest women to carry my baby. So to all you married to a hottie guy. Keep treating your woman bad because I will make her feel good about cheating on you

    • hildffvbjhsdb says

      Wow. You are one stupid nigger to be throwing your money away on these bitches. You’re nothing but a piece of shit who will always be poor, always be stupid, and always be an ape-ass-looking nigger.

      • Nice965 says

        You are going to be as an asshole because i am white and I fuck you dirty under shit of racist monkey !
        Ps: continue please, to jerk of while your ex wife is kicked down the cunt by blacks guys :)

    • kenny says

      I have graduate level education and I am blessed with 4 healthy kids with 2 black women. Two are grown and two are toddlers.
      For many years now, I have wanted a baby or two with a White, Hispanic or Asian woman. I have slept with countless white women, both married and single, but I have never made any of them pregnant by accident or on purpose. My dream will be to have a baby with either a married woman, who can raise the baby with her husband, or a single professional woman, who can do it alone or jointly with me. I would like to be part of the child’s life, if the mother wants me to be.
      What I have noticed is that at age 47 and divorced, women my age don’t want kids anymore. I will have to go after younger ones (my youngest kids’ mom is now 27) and that can get complicated. I have read that there are white couples who jointly desire kids by a black males and I know some couples that have biracial children. That will be an ideal situation for me. I am glad you are paying child support, am sorry the other ladies had abortions.
      It has been impossible for me to meet a woman wanting to be pregnant. It seems like you have the right connections and have plenty of them. If you get overwhelmed, please send one or two my way. Just write to me using babydad13 at hotmaildotcom. Best wishes, thanks for sharing such an inspiring message and be safe.

    • Mark says

      Good man. Keep up the good work. I am white and totally believe in the Black/white dynamic. My wife and daughter both have had black babies (my wife 2, my daughter 3 with another on the way) and they are happy as they can be – which makes me happy because they arent bitchy princesses anymore! Keep seeding the married and single white women and make life for us white guys easier!

    • angel steven says

      love that. I also got drink & let a black guy fuck me. I begged him not to cum in me. I love the way he made me cum so many times. but I just kelp telling him not to cum in me. he grabbed my hips & told me he was cumming. I tried to get him off me. he was so big. I had his cum drip out of me the rest of the night. 2 months later I found out I was pregnant. I just thought it was my husbands. but I gave birth to a black baby. my husband has left me now. so I am a single girl with a black baby. most white men don’t wanna date me when they find out I have black baby. Most of my family don’t understand. I told them I was raped. I love my baby.

      • Nice 965 says

        You should be proud instead of your child and present it as the love child. If you want to meet a white man, he would know if you want a cuckold that lets you continue to have relationships with black men or not…if you just want to put your loved one, and being with a black man doesn’t bother you, then don’t hesitate and meet black men, because after all, you love them or you don’t have a mixed child. If you like black men, and there are few where you live, try dating sites as “afro-romance” or “interracial dating”. If you want to stop with black men, in this case, i wonder why you started, and if you want to find a cuckold, simply place an ad on the internet …just here you will find some one. Good courage

    • E. Smith says

      What a fucking loser…

    • molly crofton says

      i want a black mans baby

    • dude says

      Ur a nasty disgusting thing

  7. nice965 says

    Cool guy, and tries to convert the very young also, so that their jealous friends also made !

  8. Chuck says

    Mr Black Guy,

    I hope you live long enough to achieve your goals,, however I think sooner or later so whilte husband will put a bullet in you or run you down with his car… just remember what goes around, comes around

  9. lopwitz says

    Have an abortion.

  10. Dallas says

    That’s not true about black men. I’m white and my fiance’s black. We broke up and I had sex with a white guy. We got back together the next day and now I’m pregnant. I forgot about the one night stand so of course my fiancé thinks its his. It’s breaking my heart! Idk what to do.

  11. Brenda says

    I am a 38 year white lady. I am 4 months pregnant with a black man’s child. He would never use condoms and always promised to pull out but never did. I fell inlove with him so it was ok for him to do this. He always would say “don’t worry baby, we are getting married so its all good”. Well as soon as I got preggers he hit the door. I have come to the conclustion that this guys goal is to knock up white women. I wish that I could have seen this 7 months ago. Having and raising a black child by myself is NOT what I want to do. I don’t think that any white guy will want to have a relationship with me when I have a black baby on my hip.

    • Nice965 says

      Of course YES !! And i very proud of you if you are pregnant with a black man ! It’s a destiny of all the women and the white younger girls to make 1 or several black babies !

    • Mark says

      Relax Brenda, there are thousands of white guys who will want a relationship with you and raise your baby with you. Not only that, they will not stand in the way if you having relationships with black men and getting preg again. Many of us understand a white womans needs once they have been black sexed. Relax and look forward to meeting an enlightened white man with the knowledge that you can still enjoy your black men!

    • Grandus11 says

      Its late but I hope you had and abortion.

    • dan1967 says

      there are more white men out there that would love to help you raise ur black baby.

    • spike says

      Brenda I would love to have you as my girlfriend or wife I will help raise your black baby I’ll treat your baby as my own.
      Just say the word and we’ll talk.
      I’m a white man 5ft 5in tall.

  12. Stacy says

    I can’t believe that there is olther women in there 40’s pregnant with a black man’s baby. I am 40 and pregnant to a 31 year old black man with my first baby. He also refused to wear a condom and would never pull out of me when he had an orgasm. We are getting married right after the baby is born. He wants ne ti give hin 2 more after this one. I guess we will see how this one goes first

    • Nice965 says

      Congratulation ! I’m very happy for you ! Have a nice week-end 😉

    • Mark says

      Congrats to you! You are a lucky woman. Too often a black man leaves once he hears about hiw white gf getting preg. You are so lucky he wants you to have a couple more of his babies! Enjoy, you found a gem in him!

  13. Gina says

    My name is Gina. I am 24 and 5 months pregnant with a 48 year old married black man. We are FWB. I just wanted sex with a man that would leave after the deed. Funny this is he would always leave something behined so that he would have a reason to come back over. Well i wonder if he is going to want to come over to pick up his child he left behined. I love sex with black men but they are just not who I want to have kids with. I wanted to have white babies, It is eazier to get threw life when you are with and single with white kids that white and single with mixed childred. I wish I would have gone on the pill instead of just condoms. I knew that I was going to get pregnant. Half the time the condom would come off and he would not say anything or pull out. What I don’t understand is he is married. I am going to get child support and his wife will find out. If you are a black wife, is it ok for your husband to get other women pregnant

  14. Nice965 says

    Congratulation, i”m very proud of you ! God bless you you and your next mixed black babies :)

    • LoveIRPreg says

      I couldnt agree with you more. My wife is trying to get pregnant from a black man she dates and I love it.

      • Nice965 says

        I am very proud of you also LoveIRPreg, and i hope that your wife will have what she wishes. God blesses you 😉

  15. john says


  16. Paul says

    If you were my Gf I’d kick your dirty black man’s whore arse out the door you made your bed so lay in it.

  17. john says

    god i hate niggers

  18. Vicky says

    Not sure if I want to post but here it is. I am 38 and pregnant to a 25 year old black guy. He is a mess, no job, no car, no place to live(but mine), and is in trouble with the law. A real pimp? I have an apointment in two days to end this pregnancy. I am not having a nigger baby. I should not have ever let him fuck me. He is nothing but a lier and a thieft. He told me that he could not get me pregnant. So when high I had sex with him and found myself pregnant 5 weeks later. After I told him I was pregnant, thats when he told me that he planned on getting as many white hoes pregnant as he could. I feel like a complete whore and dumb ass. I fell for this shit at 38. I was married for 11 years and have 3 other children. I am not giving them a nigger bother or sister to contend with. I am so angery at this nigger for lieing to me and knocking me up like I was one of his tricks. FUCK YOU NIGGERS

    • says

      Vicky…. I use to be a bouncer at club that was 99% black clientel… was invited to a party and while playing poker I was blunt and asked a lot of questions…. found out that most black guys have a goal to get as many white girls pregnant as possible and leave them to raise it alone… niggers are worthless …. liars… cheats… and I promise you they will ALWAYS let you down

    • E. Smith says

      You’re just a dumb ass then.

  19. Paul Softley says

    Fuck that if you were my Gf you’d be out the door no way I would want you after a black man’s used you

  20. white mail says

    You should get an abortion. Frankly, you are a great example of no white man takes back a white woman who likes black. Your actions were to not only act like a whore, unprotected, but now you are dreaming up a plan to trick your white man back. Sorry honey, you are through. You are officially a nigger whore. Go talk to fat nigger broads at the nail shop and buy a weave. You will be very easily forgotten and replaced. all white women like this should get abortions.

  21. Tina says

    Their is a lot of negative comments here about black guys with white girls. They could not be truer. When I was 15 my mothers nigger boyfriend got me pregnant. He was and still is a big loser. I had the baby when I was 16 and when I was 17 he got me pregnant again. My mother is such a whore to. It was ok for him to do this. She couldn’t have anymore kids and he wanted one. He NEVER paied for anything. Still pays for nothing. My mother and him have moved to N.C. and left me here with my aunt to care for these to kids. I can not get a real man. As soon as they find out I have mixed kids, their done. I have grown to hate nigger for this. White girls and nigger boys should not date. The nigger with just leave you high and dry

  22. LOL says

    The niggers here posting these comments are amusing, especially the ones pretending to be white women/men. Deluded, ghetto-bound, welfare dependent rejects…

    • Nice965 says

      But i’m really white and i assure you that it is the only way which i found to get rid definitively of you and your racist friends. Personally, i prefer the black girls, but i support in 100% all the white (latinas and asian) girls who can end the existence of guy as you !

  23. john says

    If your husband gives you divorce then get married to me and continue the lifestyle.

  24. Megan says

    I am 19 now, when i was 17 I was a bit wild and got pregnant while fucking a 50 year old black man. He was my father’s business friend and I would sneak out just to get it. I am a white girl, very wholesome looking, but i just love the look of a huge black dick fucking me…needless to say we did not have the baby but i loved hearing he inpregnated me..black cum is so great, has any girls out there gotten gangbanged before?? I am thinking about taking it from several black men so any advice is greatly appreciated!

    • Ronn says

      Remeber that old saying, Once you go black, You’re a single mom!

    • Nice965 says

      Don’t listen to the jealous racists who are generally only completely dulled motherfuckers and continuous like that. You should not be afraid of having mixed children and encourage your white friends to make the same thing : god bless you !

      • Grandus says

        Nice965 that is about the worst advice I have ever seen any individual give to another person.

    • Lee says

      I just posted a comment & my wife has been gang banged before by 4 black guys……..Luved it! & I do think she did as well…………..u go girl!

  25. Ronn says

    I never thought Id say this, but shes gotta hurry-up and and have an abortion, its half beast! The Bible forbids race mixing, and whites should not be having black babies! Its one thing if you wanna have the black-man lust for your beauty and slave over you at your command, but NEVER should you have him impregnate you. Whatelse is the black-man good for besides sex and entertaining people? And remember, once you go black, no one wants you back!
    Deuteronomy 7:3.
    “You shall not intermarry with them, giving your daughters to their sons or taking their daughters for your sons”
    Leviticus 19:19.
    “You shall keep my statutes. You shall not let your cattle BREED with a different kind. You shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed”

    • Nice965 says

      You are just a bastard of racist and you should be ashamed to quote the Bible because you are not a real Christian but an idiot who understand nothing in anything, because in fact this text says simply that we do not have to get married (GET MARRIED) to somebody who has another religion : moron !

  26. blackcumforwhitegirl says

    lol it is so funny to heir this we blackmen will impregnat any rase because all women want to try black dick atlest once we no that are jeans are stronger then all other male races if you look at the mixbaby 80% of time it is black dominated we are getting back at the white man for slavery and rapeing are black women that why we have lightskin niggia today so fuck you whiteman you should have left us in africa an did your own dame work now you have to dil whit it in the long run our goal is to make one race but we know it wood look black
    p.s. are cum is thick an full of the vitamin’s an nutritions needed for this deed

    • t says

      fuck dat nigga from eccjca

  27. Katie says

    Okay so my husband is sterile we found out…so I have been obsessed with getting pregnant. I never went black before but once I did, I haven’t stopped. I have had over 100 black men fuck me and I love it ill never stop, I literally have one a day at least!

    • Nice965 says

      I hope for you that you were pregnant at least once, otherwise it would be really it’s a pity !…

    • Grandus says

      I suppose you husband is homosexual and not really a man other wise he would dump you not because of the black men but because you are in general just a slut.

  28. Randy says

    I ‘m a white guy and I think its wonderful that a black guy got you pregnant. Some one said above that don’t say o much to your boy friend. That may be a good idea !!!!!
    In my case I was told that my wife will have sex with a black guy, now this was our wedding night. We both thought this was crazy and impossible. I know my wife was a virgin at the time ! When went up to our room that evening a person brought us up a two glass champaign bottle we both drank our drink got dressed and in bed and fell asleep. The next morning we woke up with horrible type hang overs. We found a letter on our dresser that told me my wife is no longer a virgin, and that three black guys took her while we were sleeping. It also said that white man should never ever have sex on there wedding night, its a black mans duty to have her first, so we made sure of this, plus a white mans dick was way to small. If she gets pregnant you’ll just have to take care of a black kid, thanks and lots of luck. We complained to management, and we were told that has happened to a lot of new married couples in this hotel and also in the surrounding area. (Note) she did end up pregnant and we had a black little girl, She’s very sweet at 2 years old, and I as a husband have a whole new respect for black men.

  29. hardone says

    Right after my wife and I got married she had an affair with her boss, a black guy.She became obessed with black cock. We made a deal that she could have all the black cockshe wanted but after she became pregnet if she had any girls that I would be able to breed them.My wife is now in her early forties and has had nine mixed breed kids by seven different black men.The oldest is a boy now twenty two. But she had six girls. The oldest is now nineteen and has had two of my kids.There is one who is eigthteen and has ond child of mine.One just turned sixteen and is pregnet with my child.My wife lets me start having sex with them when they turn sixteen.She is also pregnet again with her tenth kid.She can`t get enough black cock I think she has been with well over fifteen hundered black men.There are still three more of her daughters thriteen eleven and seven waiting their turn to have my babies.

    • Nice965 says

      Thank you for the courage to write it. It seems strange as kind of family, but why not after all, if you feel good as this, why to go against. Since your daughters agree and since there is no violence, i think that if it is the case, your family must be indestructible because very welded…good luck !

    • Grandus says

      @ Hardone Good god please learn how to spell. But if this is true I am sure the law enforcement agencies in your area would love to meet you.

  30. Embedninja says

    I see this as you commit a crime you go to jail you speed you get a ticket you sleep around with out protection you loose your life if you catch something if you get pregnant you lose your life having to be responsible for another the punishment fits the crime race doesn’t matter I hope he left you I would have and I’m white you deserve the ruff life of raising your kid on your own where is Mr right now exactly he was better than your man at the time and he booked on you to lol no man stays with a chick who puts out on the first night stupid

  31. Kenneth says

    Well I am a white man in my late 50’s and I am looking for a white girl that is impregnated by a black man that wants to be married,loved and respected , but still wants to have black men’s baby’s but married to a white man.

  32. KKK says

    You and the evil monkey should be hanged from the nearest tree or lamp post!

  33. anonymous says

    I’m a white guy in my 50s and totally accept the black man’s dominance over white females. I would give anything have a dominant black male or males to come in my house to dominate my wife and stepdaughter. I don’t promote anything illegal but I believe that black males have the right to be dominant over all white females of any age. twisted maybe but at least I’m not a racist…

    • Lee says

      Just posted comment for review

  34. Joann says

    I’m a married 28 year old women. I’m married to a white man for 2 years. Before we got married my husband agreed that I could date other men and I have. A few are friends but most are guys I know from work or met at clubs. I told my husband I wanted to date a Black man and he agreed to it.

    We had sex on the first date and on all following dates. He never used a condom and I’m not on birth control. I told my husband and he accepted the fact that I was Black pregnant. I recently had a baby boy who resembles his father in skin tone.

    I am now planning on having another baby by a Black man

    • Lee says

      Just posted comment for review

  35. PC Incorrect says

    Lol, this is kinda funny. The minute I saw that little nigglet pop outta your womb I’d dump your ass so fast you’d never know what hit ya. But I am certain the buck that knocked you up will pay lotsa support.

  36. tyrone says

    i have to laugh at this…….how many guys actually believe that these women are really women, cause they are not, its guys posting as females and you fucks are dumb enough to believe this shit, what a joke, im a black male, but an educated one, these idiots are dumb fucks for thinking its real, cause its not !!!!

  37. Lee says

    My wife is older & luvs black cock as well as i luv to see them inside of her. Since she is older, & not fertile any longer , she cannot get pregnant, but I would luv for her to have a black baby if it were possible. Since she can’t, I still enjoy the thought when I see black seeds oozing out of her & just can only imagine. EVERY white woman regardless of age needs to try black cock at sometime during their lifetime…………………..

  38. Grandus says

    Diva is and idiot, no way no how would I stay with a woman who was knocked up by any other man. I don’t give a damn if he is brown, red or purple with pokadots. Any other man who allows his wife to get pregnant by any man just for the thrill of it is not a man but more a waste of good air. All this crap about white women racing to have black kids is also a crock. Yes there are young girls that get knocked up by other races but I have seen just as many young negro girls as Caucasian or Hispanic girls knocked up. People are stupid and lets face it 12.5 % blacks are not going to get rid of 78% of the population.

  39. Grandus says

    99% chance of a snowball in hell lasting is more to the point.

  40. aryanman says

    That’s nasty! Any white man with a shred of self respect would leave your nasty ass. I hope your one night lover pays for his baby. Have fun with your monkeys skank.

  41. Donna J. says

    I am 50 something and a school teacher for over 30 years. Recently, a former student of mine now 19 years old and gorgeously black, stopped by with his buddy ( who is also black, but not a former student) just to see how his little sister was doing in my third grade class. I always thought when he was younger that he had the cutest and whitest smile for a young man, and that day I thought the very same thing. Yet, he was also very masculine now and built very muscularly and I believe he knew I was intrigued with his build. He is 6’2″ tall and weighs about 190, with large arms and a solid butt! That smile just captivated me and his friend was just as handsome too. They asked me out for some Starbucks coffee but I had been there at the school since 7:30 a.m. and it was now closer to 6:00 p.m. I didn’t go but said I would take a rain check, never thinking it would happen. In fact when I went home I forgot to tell my hub about it too.

    The following week, on a Thursday, he came by again, but this time by himself. He stopped by about 4:00 p.m. and I usually don’t head home until closer to 6:00 p.m. Again, he asked me out for a Mocha Latte and he offered to buy me the coffee as a thank you for teaching him and his sister many things that will and still do remain with him and his little sister. We talked for about an hour and a half and the whole time I just enjoyed his presence, not to mention his beautiful smile and of course his body! I think he began to sense that and I knew I might be giving my cover up, as my body seemed to seep with a female scent, especially as I have been going through menopause and hot flashes periodically. It also has not helped that my husband has been having ED problems lately either, and our sex life has become almost non-existent.

    As I went to say goodbye, he leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek but, my mouth caught his and we were in a somewhat secluded area in the place, and it was not crowded at all, and we locked into a deep french kiss. He slipped up to my neck and into my ear, where he whispered to me, that he always had a thing for me, and wanted to make love to me! I was shocked and quite flattered for a 50 something married white woman. Yet, here I was with a 19 year old young black male, that was a former student, who is younger than my son who will be 29 this fall, and me wanting to take him to a hotel, and ride him into the night and on into the early morning.

    Yet we didn’t but…. one week later and after a couple of visits to my classroom, and with the complete approval of my hub, I was at the Hyatt place on the second floor with my new and very sexy lingerie, ready to be peeled off and discarded for more important things like climbing ontop of my newly found lover.

    I paid for the room and I had the most glorious sex of my life! I practically drove way past the speed limit to get there, and waited for what seemed like hours for him to show, but in reality it was only about 30 minutes as my heart raced to the point of almost fainting. When the knock on the door came, what a surprise I was in for! He showed up looking so sexy and ready for me, but so did his friend! I was in a see through black halter teddy which featured a very low neckline, and a satin red bow in the back with a back cut out featuring my ample booty! I am not a big lady and stand 5’5″ tall with shoulder length blond hair and I weigh less then 120 lbs. My husband always told me I had the perfect bottom that black men love! His eyes nearly popped out of his head, but so did mine when his friend, displayed himself standing off to the side of the door!

    I gulped and thought I was going to faint again, but decided to go for it, after all! In all of my 32 years of marriage, I never did the things that I did with these two young men that day and night. This was a day and night of FIRSTS!

    First of all, I was done standing up and placed against the hotel window, showed off, to the parking lot below, I experienced being spit roasted, (doggied and sucking at same time with two men), I didn’t like it at first, in fact for the first 20 mins. or so, I could not get them in my butt hole, but eventually with a slow lubed condom on, I adjusted and I learned to slowly enjoy anal sex! Wow, never thought that would happen…. I swallowed a number of loads and took at least 4 of them in my vagina. I felt like I was a queen that was being worshipped by these two young black gentlemen. Doggie too, so well that my butt was propped up on two pillows with my bottom thrusted up in the air, while they kept filling me with their penises and their cum. Then the topper, was when my student wanted to hold me up and do me standing while his friend, entered my rear! We all timed our orgasms and it was the best sex I have ever had! I paid for the room and spent the night, falling asleep at around 1:30 a.m exhausted from these two, I called in sick the next day, so we could have a late checkout, and we continued enjoying each other until almost 11:30 am.

    Since then, my hub allows them to come to the house and they have spent the night many times. Anal sex, now is always part of my sexual menu. These two gentlemen still think they can get this 53 year old preggo and work hard to supply me with ample doses of their man seeds. No hysterectomy here, but my age and some endometriosis makes it quite difficult to make a baby. Yet, I only wish….

  42. Grandus says


    I do not know where you get your information from but there is no way this white man would stick with a white woman who got pregnant by another man but lied to me about it. If a person can lie about something this serious then she can always lie and lies do not get much worse than this one.

  43. dude says

    I wouldn’t be talking to you. I’d be pissed and tell you “oh. Well sucks to be you nasty thing see u lata

  44. Bill says

    I do not give a shit. I have impregnated a few Black Women and they had my white babies. It works both ways.

  45. ronald says

    I was trying to get my wife pregnant, she wasn’t becoming pregnant. One morning I came home from work, she was in bed with this black guy, she said he was here to bred her. Well he did get her pregnant, and she said I am now her sissy cuckold.

  46. Nat says

    Black guys should have any woman they want, white black what ever and make them pregnant. All girls at 17 should have there first sex encounter by a black, they have a rite to take her cherry and if she gets pregnant that’s a beautiful benefit.

  47. Danielle says

    Both my sisters have interracial babies. The younger one married her fiancé 2 months before she delivered. Her now ex husband was totally devastated and humiliated when my nephew was born. My sister told our parents she wasn’t sure which man was the daddy. Our daddy was upset and a little embarrassed to but mom was pleased and proud of her first grand baby. Daddy looked at my other sister My other who was 6 mos prego and she told them her baby will be just as beautiful. Dad was totally crushed and asked mommy if she knew and she said she knew all along and both men are very nice and sweet. Mom snapped a pic of the new mommy and baby boy and texted it to the baby daddy. Mom then posted the pic online. Dad left the room all flustered and mom said he’s just insecure because I dated a black man in high school. Both my sisters are proud and happy with their interracial babies and daddy is getting used to it too.

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