Jay Z’s mom, Gloria Carter, Opens Diamondz N Da Ruff Restaurant in Newark, NJ!

Jay Z’s mom, Gloria Carter, just opened up a restaurant in Newark, NJ called Diamondz N Da Ruff!

Jay Z and Beyonce were in attendance at the restaurant’s opening last Saturday.

We were able to verify, the restaurant has three owners and the address is:

Diamondz-N-Da Ruff Cafe & Lounge
71 Clay St.
Newark, New Jersey 07104

Diamondz in Da Ruff gloria carter jay z restaurant

beyonce-and-jay-z-diamond in da ruff restaurant



The power couple arrived at 7 PM and stayed for 15 minutes. The former member of Destiny’s Child and her mother-in-law hugged and laughed.

Update: 8/10/2014

So, I supported the local new Newark, NJ business “Diamondz N Da Ruff” restaurant today, August 10. Here’s pics and even a short video from my visit.

Jay Z’s mom, who’s one of the three owners, was there. Ms. Carter was walking around and even personally greeted all her guest. There wasn’t a menu today. The restaurant gave the choice of turkey wings or oxtails. We tried the turkey wings. The mac n cheese was about a 8/10. It’s a decent small spot. The staff could be a little more organized.

Peep the pics inside Diamondz N Da Ruff Cafe & Lounge restaurant below.

Gloria Carter Diamondz N Da Ruff


  1. says

    I would like to know the address of JayZ’s Moms resturant. I live in Fl and will be in Newark thus weekend. Thanks for your help.

    • Kim says

      71 Clay Street

  2. Diana says

    Happy For Ma Dukes Carter I Love Good Food Gonna Check It out

  3. helena brown says

    i would like to know the menue for the restaurant

  4. Toni Roberts says

    I support Gloria Carter and her family in everything they do. Just left Diamondz N Da Ruff and food was BANGING!

    Good Luck Ms. Carter!

  5. a g anderson says

    We don’t need another bar or another restaurant ! We need schools for the black children in someones nane ARE YOU PEOPLE SICK OR CRAZY.? CARTER HIGH LOOKS BETTER

    • Shabazz says

      Fine n good but what does that have to do w/ms.Carter? Who plays more than her share in races in Essex county where she lives! Not Beverlyhills as she could easily do, instead she’s keeping it close to where they began. Wonder if you’d do the same.She’s not obligated to do that or build our schools, your aggression is misdirected I suggest u send a letter or few to Mayor RAS BARAKA, AND BEING THE CONCERNED CITIZEN U OBVIOUSLY ARE I’M SURE U WILL B ENCLOSING A CHECK AS WELL. ANDERSON H.S. sounds just as good. Smh. GOOD LUCK CARTERS.

  6. Joseph Gittens,Jr BA., LPN. says

    Thats fantastic. I hope to visit the establishment soon. (Joseph Gittens, Jr)

  7. says

    Good Luck to the owners******* May your business b blessed. Thank you so much 4 bringing something positive to Nwk. Creating jobs giving folk a decent place to spend the day, evening and night hours.

  8. says

    Good luck & God bless your business. Thank you for bringing something positive to Newark, and at the same time creating jobs for the residents. Giving folk a decent place to dine and enjoy an evening out.

  9. says

    Hello my name is sherri n I been cleaning kitchens in nwk nj over 22yrs I would like to know if you need help cleaning ur kitchen u can call me at 862-237-5362 thank you and congratulations, welcome.

  10. says

    Blessing All ,

    ACACAS organization will be coming out to the resturant for a bonding day before we host our 6th Annual young ladies symposium in Queens for approx 500 girls ages 12 – 24 years. The favor is the theme is Diamonds in the Rough September 20, 2014. This will be a retreat for us to visit your restaurant and looking forward to meeting you all.

  11. Thetruth says

    Just wondering about the menu. I seen a menu online and it didn’t list turkey wings, mac&cheese etc…is this the foods that’s served?

    • says

      Diamondz N Da Ruff wasn’t offering a menu on Sundays, when I stopped by. This is what was served… the other option was oxtails.

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