Jim Jones Mom DISS Chrissy (Psychotic Bitch!) [Video]

Jim Jones Mom diss
Jim Jones Mom diss Chrissy! Mama Jones hits the recording studio to work on Psychotic Bitch, a diss rap aim at Jimmy’s longtime girlfriend Chrissy.

I can’t wait to hear Jim Jones Mom diss record getting spins on NYC’s Hot 97 and Power 105.1!

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  1. blue62holla says

    Yo mom is tripping a lil but crissy was to for hittin what’s her name? Annabella

  2. blue62holla says

    My fault kimbella

  3. Jade says

    That old crazy cracked out hungry chicken head…She dying for attention she acts like a 2 yr old who the hell says Mommy when they are that damn old? for real she needs to just let her son be a man he is not in grade school no more…”mommy” Lmao!!!!!

  4. INGIRD says

    All of them are getting RICH out of OUR OWN POCKETS!!! IF we as society didn’t pay attention to these LOW CLASS individuals than they wouldn’t be successful!! We are paying them to act the way they are, GHETTO! If we weren’t so into the entertainment industry they wouldn’t have MONEY/WEALTH!!! It is RIDICULOUS that they are getting wealthy or of our own expense!!! HOW EMBARRASSING how they expose their behavior on television just to get a chunk of CHANGE

  5. Steven says

    What a great lady & mother, class all the way.

  6. MJ is Cray says

    Mama Jones is not a “good psychotic bitch.” She’s a thief who doesn’t pay the people who work for her.

  7. Tierra Murray says

    Hey.Love the song

  8. says

    This is over board and weird coming from a mother. Very ghetto have a little more class Chrissy changed why can’t you change


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