Jon Stewart RIPS Fox News Over Election Coverage! [Video]

jon stewart rips fox
On his show Wednesday night, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart ripped Fox News’ election coverage. Stewart said, “Math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better” could be the new Fox slogan.

Fox News was the place to be on election night. From Karl Rove’s refusal to believe the network’s own projection that Mitt Romney had lost Ohio, to Bill O’Reilly’s assertion that the “white establishment is now the minority,” to Sarah Palin’s enormous new Joan Collins hairdo, there was a panicked and slightly unhinged quality to the evening’s proceedings.

Not surprisingly, Jon Stewart had a field day with the material on Wednesday’s “Daily Show.” He was especially delighted by the fact that it was left to co-anchor Megyn Kelly to force Rove to face the music, via a long walk through the bowels of the Fox News offices and a meeting with their in-house nerds.


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