Is Kanye West Going CRAZY? Bizarre Moment On Stage! [Video]

kanye west going crazy
We really need to ask a serious question… is Kanye West going crazy?? Check out this bizarre moment caught on video.


  1. says

    let it all out YE, jay is with JT now lol

  2. vfocused says

    That fool has lost his mind and if he keeps running his mouth he will only be “Mr Kardashian” and that is if she marrys him. I believe he is crazy, still going at that little girl– “taylor”. Beyonce and Jay both need to tell him to S T F U!!! He done lost his mind for real, putting Bey’s name out there like that about Taylor. He gon make his peer think they he is racist! Never have been that much of a fan anyway of ye. Now I cant stand him! He is too competitive and respect should mean more than all the grammys! He will not get either with his attitude. Who will vote for you when you give no props to anyone else!

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