LisaRaye McCoy Uses CUPPING TO Get RID Of Her Cellulite DIMPLES! [Video]

LisaRaye McCoy Cupping Her Cellulite DIMPLES picture
LisaRaye McCoy undergoes a “natural” procedure known as cupping to get rid of her cellulite dimples. LisaRaye McCoy also uses cupping to do a butt lift… “naturally.” This episode came on television sometime in early April… I just seen it this past weekend on a re-run.


  1. Little LB says

    Girl, do you really think that works?! They are robbing you blind! And what was that thing in the sunglasses? Good Lord, can we say hot mess?

  2. says

    I think The Real McCoy could have explained that it takes several treatments to get lasting results with the anti-cellulite cupping and “butt lift” (not sure about the lifting effect). Facial cupping is also effective for facial rejuvenation, i.e. eliminating facial swelling, fine lines, and dark circles. A completely gentle set of glass cups is used for this. Again, it takes several treatments, and regular tune-ups. I use moving vacuum cupping so there is minimal discomfort and reddish rings. It is great for bringing better circulation and smoothness to the skin. My patients can clearly testify to the value of back cupping for them including relaxing muscle & myofascial tension, better sleep, toxins removed. Give it a try and see why.
    Check out (International Cupping Therapy Association) for lots more information.

  3. says

    I think the claim that it contributed to the introduction of unleaded gasoline is a stretch as some cars from as early as 1967 were prepped’ for the introduction of unleaded gasoline. Interesting history otherwise, though.

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