Mary J Blige Burger King [Video]

Mary J Blige Burger King
Check out the Mary J Blige Burger King commercial making noise around the net… for the wrong reasons.


  1. proud_bay_man says

    No mo chick’n in my life.

  2. Gr3g says

    I thought it was funny as hell. *shrug*

  3. Ron says

    I didn’t see a damn thing wrong with that commercial. Mary looks as stylish and as sexy as ever. There’s nothing “buffoonish” about this ad. Some people need to get a life and stop taking things as trivial as a burger king commercial so seriously. We’ve got bigger issues to deal with. And before you get started this is a BLACK MAN saying this. Do your thing Mary, with your sexy ass.

    • Yvonne says

      I agree what is wrong with the people minds? Their is too many people with warped minds that is crazy.

  4. Charles says

    Did I miss something? There is nothing racial about that commercial! Folks need to get a damn life.

  5. Wendy says

    I just don’t see the big deal. People act like she was licking her fingers and wiping grease from her lips. Some people have too much time on their hands. The woman is making an honest living. Cedric the Entertainer acted a fool for Budweiser in the name of comedy. Was that wrong too? Geesh.

  6. Fay says


  7. Elisher says

    Cut it out!!!. It is a commercial designed to send a message. Looks yummy let’s go try one. NOTHING MORE!THERE IS NIOTHING WRONG WITH THIS COMMERCIAL. DAM!!!!! I am sooooo sick of people sitting around looking for something to bitch about!!!!!!! Oh, and Mary looks greta!

  8. Troy says

    the marketing department should be fired

  9. says

    This is some stupid shit.. When will blk ppl learn that singing for “chicken” is a insult to yourself.. but Mary is a hoodrat, we don’t expect anything intelligent from her.. beyonce would never, NEVER play herself like this.. smh, that’s why you ain’t no Beyonce!

  10. Stasta says

    It didn’t make any sense….

  11. talbet says

    Thank goodness Mary J Blige doesn’t see herself as a stereotype who has to check the list of what could possibly offend anyone on the planet before doing her thing.

  12. HENRY says

    I do have bad eyes, but I can still see plenty. There is absolutely nothing wrong or stereotypical in regad to this commercial. If you haters have a problem with it, DO NOT BUY THE CHICKEN! That’ll teach them, right?

  13. Samara says

    ok there was nothing wrong with this commercial it was awesome and Marry J Blige people be hatin on your awesomeness lol love ya stay strong llike Mary J B.

  14. Gregg says

    Ummm…I don’t get it. WTF is the fuss about. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this commercial. Stop trying to create drama where there is none.

  15. rj says

    The problem is the music and the white people dancing………….when will you black people wake up……..This commercial is insulting, period. More chucking and jiving….but we are all too brain washed to see it.

  16. says

    This bitch lost here mind

  17. Mo says

    This commercial is hilarious.

    • Skuba says

      I agree

  18. xerocada1 says

    Apparently, chicken and watermelon are off limits…how about not advertising overly -large shirts and baggy pants?

  19. ThatGirl says

    If you are black and offended…that is your problem, not Mary’s! Hell, stop eatin chicken if you feel so damn bad…and no Mary is not Beyonce…..THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Kid says

    Some of yall are stupid. Mary owned the situation. She shut up the manager. What are yall complaining about?

  21. jrsp says

    You people are beyond stupid!! It’s a freaking commercial, how in God’s name is it racist?? I’m so sick of this.

  22. Trish says

    There is nothing wrong with this commercial…MJ is doing her thing getting the message out… Watch the commercial….MJ got paid(I hope)…If you don’t like it don’t buy the wrap….People we have other things to be up-set about …..Our children learning…not being shot going to store or coming home..Getting some jobs ..make sure you can VOTE >>>STOP the hateing…WE Bitch about the wrong things and do nothing about getting a job.. equal rights…being able to walk down the street and be safe…HEY CHICKEN..(what the ****)

  23. Popeye G says

    What does it take to get Popeye’s on eight mile ? When did Kroger’s stop selling that good cornbread ? RIP NIPS !

  24. PLeassher Man says

    Is it just me or is Mary very SExy ?


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