Meek Mill: Cassidy’s “Condom Style” WORST RAP Song EVER!

Meek Mill dissed Cassidy’s remake of the hit song “Gangnam Style” on his Instagram.

Meek Mill told his Instagram followers, “Go 2 this is the worst song in the history of rapping….this gotta b a joke! Google#condomstyle ”

meek mill diss cassidy

Do you agree with Meek Mill? Is Cassidy’s “Condom Style” the worst song in the history of hip-hop?

The two Philly MCs been going back and fourth beefing with each other on Twitter, stemming over a rap battle challenge.

Listen to “Condom Style” below:

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  1. N.S. Ugezene says

    I disagree with Meek Mill. Cassidy actually went away from the delivery he is known for. Cassidy is underrated but no one wants to say so for some reason. It wasn’t like he lacked hit making ability. He just had the misfortune of getting pigeonholed as a “battle rapper.”

    • tightlipped says


  2. tiffany jones says

    It is a great rap for young people to hear. They may think twice before going raw. I don’t expect Meek mills to get it….we are talking about someone who disses his baby mother on social media so see he does not think about how things impact a future.

    • tightlipped says


  3. tightlipped says

    Its great to hear a young black male rapping for children! meek should congradulate and be happy someone is brave enuf to not be afraid to sing something positive!

    Judging by the fact that young meek already had a baby mom and sings “meet me in the bathroom so we can f*ck while the water runnin” he prolly doesnt wear many condoms himself


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