Mendeecees Harris Found NOT GUILTY!

“Love and Hip Hop” star Mendeecees Harris — who appeared on the show with his fiancee Yandy Smith — has been cleared of multiple child sex charges … that would have put him in prison for decades.

mendeecees harris not guilty

Harris was charged with sexual assault, child endangerment and promoting prostitution — after being accused of forcing a 15-year-old girl to watch porn with him, expose herself to him, and perform oral sex on him back in 2009.

Relatives and friends of Mendeecees Harris erupted in a courtroom in state Superior Court in Hackensack as the panel came back from less than a few hours of deliberations and cleared him of multiple charges of sexual assault, child endangerment and promoting prostitution.

“We love you! We love you!” one woman screamed at the jurors while several other relatives, who filled up half of the courtroom, clapped and cheered, with more than a dozen sheriff’s officers struggling to calm the crowd.

Some, including Harris’ fiancée, Yandi Smith, burst into tears while the jury foreman announced a total of eight “not guilty” verdicts — clearing him of charges that would have put him behind bars for decades had he been convicted. The crowd eventually was escorted out of the courtroom.

Harris’ attorney released a statement after the decision, saying, “My client and his family are jubilant that these charges are now behind him … This is real drama, not TV.”

But Harris isn’t out of the woods yet — he’s currently awaiting another trial in New York, where he’s charged with conspiracy to distribute 5 kilos of cocaine. He faces upwards of 5 years in prison if convicted.

source: TMZ and NorthJersey


  1. lolitajames says

    It could be some truth to what the young lady accused him of and then again maybe not.we as mothers hv to be careful who we let around our daughters.usually celebrities get aquitted anyway dosent mean he’s not guilty.and isnt it strange that he resembles fiftycents.and yandy is foolish dude ant got no money.the whole thing is wack.if he get that dope charge he serving time anyway i dnt see him beating that dope charge.

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