Morehead State coach Sean Woods SHOVE and YELLS At Player! [Video]

morehead state coach sean woods yelling goes off angry player
WHOA! Morehead State coach Sean Woods goes off on a player, leaving him near tears on the bench!

Morehead State coach Sean Woods took out his frustration and anger out on Devon Atkinson in an 81-70 loss to Kentucky. In this video, Morehead State coach shove and yells at Atkinson, leaving him fighting back tears. Why Woods almost make that boy cry like that?!


  1. eri says

    This is inexcusable, players and coaches both work hard to do their job, it is never okay to be physically abusive towards anyone, This coach clearly crossed the line and I am pleased that this incident has gotten attention. This is disturbing and I hope that the appropriate actions are taken to discourage this type of behavior from coaches towards players. What parent would want their child treated this way. That behavior is not old school it is just plain ABUSIVE and should not be tolerated, and from what is being reported this behavior is typical from this coach. INEXCUSABLE.

  2. Mike says

    Hes a super fuckin bitch

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