Mr. Ghetto – Walmart (New Orleans Bounce) [Video]

Mr Ghetto Walmart New Orleans Bounce picture
Mr. Ghetto official video called Walmart — “New Orleans Bounce”…smh.


  1. Talicious says

    What the hell is this?? I can’t believe this!!!

    • jazzie says

      Ikr ! Im mad that people feel they can go to a store and do stuff like this. Smgdh

    • RJ says


      • Iron Paul says

        Nobody wants to visit New Orleans anymore anyways… After we figured out that God doesn’t particularly care for you all. Learn to spell.

        • John says

          How the fuck could you possibly know whether your interpretation of god cares for anything? You don’t, so don’t say shit like that. Ignorant.

  2. motorfingaz says

    Damn shame……………….

    • says

      i agree what the hell is happening to rap.

    • Funnybutts says

      This is genre of music called New Orleans Bounce. It is not rap; dumb uncultured fools that make comments without even knowing what is really going on. Ever think that this is a satire on black culture and Wal-mart. Dumb ignorant fools…

      • hi says

        you are stupid just as this song is … pointless and distasteful just another reason for blacks to get girls to dance half naked in public there is nothing cultural about this at all none of it made sense the beat was off and very dull saying wally world over and over again for 90 percent of the song is very annoying you wonder why he is still on welfare?

        • Still Shaking My Head says

          To hi:

          Your problem is that you obviously only know one definition of the word culture. You’re confusing “high culture” (excellence in taste and fine arts) with culture (shared values, attitudes and practices of a group of people). And just so you know..blacks in New Orleans don’t need ANY reasons to get girls to dance HALFnaked in public, when they can throw a set of $.08 Mardi Gras beads to nearly any white girl in the French Quarter and they’ll strip COMPLETELY naked!

          And as pointless and distasteful as I believe the Bounce music and its following are, it is supported mostly by the poor and uneducated in New Orleans, many of who are White, Vietnamese, and Hispanic. Ignorance and poverty are multi-cultural.

          • LOL says

            O silly black people walmarts for White people u belong at HEB:P

          • BabyGirl says

            you are so right that i cant even explain it :) thankyou so much

  3. says

    “Wally wally wally wally wally wally wally wally wally world”. lol

    Download link:

    • michelle says

      omg i cant stop singing it!

  4. Whitepride says

    This is proof how ignorant niggers are, u know its bad when they make a song about walmart. Epic failure

    • Rainbow rider says

      I bet u wouldn’t say that nowhere but here. Coward!!

      • Corndog says

        This is fucking depressing. I hope this guy has enough ‘game’ to find his ‘hood rats’ else where. I feel bad for those women being viewed as in such a way. And the term ‘nigger’ is used to define someone as ignorant, or tasteless, in which case, it would be this guy, indeed being, in fact a double-nigger. If you take as ‘racist’ then it is your own problem. I love black people, but I hate people who indeed call themselves ‘niggers’ on a daily basis. So the question is bro….umad?

        • billythekid says

          Very much so. A nigger is a term that was used to describe slaves and no one should be called that, at all. Whether black people call each other niggers is their business. In case you forgot, some white people call each other niggers on a daily basis too, but i don’t see you hating on them. I guess it’s okay for them to do that in your book corndog? In addition to that, whitepride, rebekah black made a song about the day friday. Does this prove how ignorant white people are? It’d be a good idea if both of you shut the hell up, you’d be doing the world a pretty big favor.

          • ahnishaa says

            stfu u aint frum the culture u dont know anything about if its aggravating u tht goddamn much shut the fuck and dnt worry about is it your business NO SO BE QUITE AND LET THEM DO THEM

        • jack says

          i didn’t hear the word nigger, in this song. i thought it was amusing for adult entertainment. i was born in the 9th ward,white, but have friends that are black. they thought it was funny. a black man sent me the video. so i say sit back and enjoy!!!

          • billythekid says

            i’m with you there jack. It’s meant to be funny. If you don’t like it, go to another page. No need to leave your hate here, no one will care.

          • LOL says

            @ Ahnishaa I count 9 spelling errors in your comment go back to the consolidated highschool in south LA where you dropped out of and get an education

    • Starburst says

      @Whitepride Who the hell are you to hate on another persons video. STOP Hating you white racist B%$#H… Define Nigger: A stupid ignoranat person who hate on others color whitepride… Azzhole..

      • Rainbow rider says

        True that Starburst.

      • jack says

        i think if this was the 60’s this wouldnever be made. long live feedom!!! from a white man.

    • tlk says

      stay in yo lane ho this bounce music all yall listen to is country anyway…..u jus mad cuz the white gurls cant shake that ass…STAY IN YO LANE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!! wally wally wally wally wally wally wally wally wally wally world BITCH

      • Whitepride says

        You couldn’t handle the music I listen too, I don’t want the white girls to shake it like that anyways fucking trashy ass whores. Oh yea real good video she got that louisiana purchase card, she got that summers eve, what a fucking disgrace to even your race

        • arpwf says

          oh really think Brittney Spears

        • ahnishaa says


        • FatieMcFatPnnts says

          You’re an ass.
          Not all black people are like that.
          And sit you’re racist ass down. Who are you to say all black people are like that? You needa shut the fuck up and stop judging. White people aren’t great either.
          I hope you’re happy… Asshole.

        • 5starbitch says

          for you to be calling black ppl ignorant, take a look at your races history and all the ignorant things white men have done for power and blood money and still you quiver under the black fist.

      • SteffGunit says

        Is that a glozell ‘my push up bra will help me get my man’ refrence? Well played my friend, well played.

    • montana says

      white pride fck internet white cracker gangsta bitch i bet u wuldnt go say dat shit to no fckn nobody in any project in new orleans if u did u gne be missin bitch nigga

      • montana says

        @ white pride I’m gone make a video cumming in a fckn white hoe face nd fuck her nd make her choke my dick nd tell u to watch it bitch

        • LOL says

          You are so stupid montana
          I am glad to be a “internet white cracker gangsta bitcha”

        • whitepride says

          They are probably his sisters and the reason they are shaking their asses at him is because they cant have babies if he decides to fuck one of them

        • whitepride says


      • wow says

        your comments actually make ” whitepride ” look intelligent

        • Still Shaking My Head says

          To Wow:

          You can say that again!

    • says

      I agree that this video is trashy and ridiculous, but come on. That’s straight up racist. Show some respect.

      • ahnishaa says


        • LOL says

          -_- You are a racist she was sticking up for you and you called her out
          Anishaa-Ya IM BLACK AND IM A GANGSTA FUCK WHITE PEOPLE. Other gang member- Yo shut the fuck up nigga. News the next day-A black male was found dead in south east LA after being shot by another black male gang member. Thats your future

    • SmarterThanyou says

      Umm Rebbeca black is american and she made a song about Friday.

      • LOL says


    • nellbear says

      you rasist ass bitch bet you wouldnt say that to a black person face. cuz ya ass would get beatt flat

    • says

      yo nigga i bet a black guy can beat yo ass

    • says

      Thats rude..Idk What Made You Say That And I Honestly Dont Care. But You Need To Think Before You ‘Speak.’ And I Understand That The Word Nigger Isnt Really Referring To All African American People But Seeing As People Used To And Are Still Labeling African American People As Niggers, Again I Just Advise You THINK. Because You Obviously Werent..But Yes This Video Is Disgusting And FULL Of Ignorance -17yr. Old African American!

    • mixboy says

      if i knew you i’ll knock you the f_ck out my self you raciest cracker

    • White (since apparently that matters to you) Nola Girl says

      Wow. Really? You obviously don’t have any understanding of culture and the many ways that people express themselves in our country today. Your so called “white pride” is Un-American and hateful. Congratulations on completely abusing your First Amendment right by using it to making an inappropriate historical reference that degrades over a million Americans by generalizing about an entire race based on one harmless video that a few individuals used to express their culture. A video, I might add, that made no negative comment about your culture, your believes, your heritage, or anything else about you.

      Thank you for reminding me that there are still some people who don’t believe in the American Dream or in equality for all people. If 9/11 didn’t make it clear that there are many people who reject American ideals, you sure made it clear in your hateful comment.

    • Blackpride says

      Looking at the long line of stupid shit white people have done you have no room to hate on black people an the video is just to be fun so sit down an shut the fuck up seriously whyare you even listening to this if your going to say shit like that you need jesus

  5. Starburst says

    Only in New Orleans baby… Wally,wally,wally,walllllyyyyy world.. lmao

  6. Starburst says

    @Whitepride Who the hell are you to only another persons video. STOP Hating you white racist B%$#H… Define Nigger: A stupid ignoranat person who hate on others color whitepride… Azzhole..

  7. tlk says

    panti panti panti panti panti panti panti hoes lmao

  8. tlk says

    wally wally wally wally wally wally wally worl lol forget you white pride you dont know nuthin bout bounce muzic so stay in yo lane ho

  9. Whitepride says

    Oh did I offend someone, well this stupid goddamn video offended me u bunch of fucking monkeys

    • Starburst says

      1st of all I listen to all types of music so by your ignorant pale ass not knowing me you would never KNOW… Why the FUCK you offended Bitch you act BLACK, You would never understand bounce music in New Orleans so bitch fall black. It’s a different type of music we like. Oh am I suppose to be offended by the word Monkey bitch please. Sit yo whitepride ass down… Oh stupid white ass..

    • tlk says

      ya mama a monkey ya daddy a monkey ya goosey granny a monkey hell ya mean bitch

    • tlk says

      since you dont like us NIGGERS why dont you keep yo ass off of HIPHOP STAN BITCH…thats wat its about US NIGGERS. U R OFFICIALLY BANNED HONKEY/CRACKER JACK so at this time you can KILL YASELF POWPOW!!!

    • tlk says

      hillbilly hoe

      • LOL says


  10. Rainbow says


  11. Rainbow says

    Now that I’ve recovered…

    First off, as a black woman, I’m completely offended by stuff like this because it makes us look ridiculous, and not just the clowns who made the video, but us, as a people. Don’t we do enough foolish, degrading things without adding to them? Wake up, people, and realize that what we do is who we APPEAR to be in the eyes of others. Maybe many won’t care, but we all should be sick of looking like a joke. Our ancestors were brought to this country in chains; surely we can do more without time than make nonsensical rap songs about “Wally World”.

    @Whitepride: I was going to ignore you, but I won’t. You’re a coward whose only voice comes from that brave world called the anonymous internet. Just by the way you type your response I can see that you’re uneducated, white trash from the inbred, back hills of mountain country. Do your race a favor and DON’T HELP because we see enough of your raggedy, ignorant, ‘car parts on the front lawn’ kind doing all the things you claim we do. So if you’re going to point fingers, start with those fat, toothless crackers that are standing in the next aisle over from Mr. Ghetto.

    • arpwf says


      I totally agree with all that you said, especially what you said to Whitetrash…oh I meant Whitepride.

    • LOL says

      Your comment was just as racist as his you are not helping

  12. um says

    ” our ancestors were brought to this country in chains ”

    you do know that your ” ancestors ” neighbors also invaded / murdered / destroyed / captured / ” chained ” then sold our own people into slavery .. in your own country & to white europeans – some of your ancestors are just as guilty as some of ours … not all of yours just like not all of mine !!

    I would like to think you are A LOT better off then our ancestors still living in the motherland … While we make ridiculous videos ” such as the above ” .. poor people are still being sold as slaves / murdered / living in filth / dying by the millions of AIDS ..

    we ALL need to come together as one for a change & fix this damn country for our ancestors to come … just like my ancestors fought and died to REMOVE THE CHAINS from your ancestors !!

    Rainbow you started off pretty good then turned just as uneducated / ignorant as the ” inbred white trash ” .. remember – some of his white trash ancestors might have died fighting for your freedom ..

    • Rainbow rider says

      Dude you just stupid.

      • Rainbow rider says

        not you say um

      • um says

        why am I ” stupid ” ??

        for being educated ? Is it not cool to be educated & compassionate these days ??

        • Rainbow rider says

          I said not you…. I posted it wrong.

          • um says

            my bad // sorry

    • honey653 says

      Only in New Orleans

    • WallyWorld says

      Rainbow was referring to Whitetrash’s ancestors, not all whites. & It’s a good chance all of his family is that way since most people get it racism from their parents who got it from there’s.

  13. NotYourAverageWhiteMan says

    This white man is hypnotized … ddaaaammmmmnnnnnnn !

  14. montana says

    white pride u a bitch u hatin on a nigga u fckn cracker cheese eatin mothafckn eat ya fckn daddy dick u stupid bitch i hate dumb ass white ppl fck u bitch

  15. michelle says

    i’m white and would love to see him say that to any black person where this was filmed! spend 10 minutes at the walmart on tchoupitoulas and white pride will be calling for his daddy! they are gangster and hood! i loved this video and have been cracking up! it is funny and if you are offended by it maybe you should not have clicked on the link! i live on the westbank MARRERO and work in canal place… i love that i got to see them do this i think it is great! go mr. ghetto go! stop making everything black vs white… it is a funny ass video… sit back crank the speakers and enjoy wally wally wally wally wally wally wally wally world bitches!

    • lawnmower says

      i dont care who was in it black or white, its still nasty !!! i hope someone at tht store gets fired because they had to have inside help to film it !!! can anyone say lawsuit will be happening soon !!!

    • jack says


  16. LaBrittney says

    Did you see the old black lady in the background at the end looking as if she was thinking, “This is what Dr. King marched for and worked so hard for?” Im black and Im appalled.

    • Toya says

      Ikr! Reminds me of the episode of Boondocks when Dr. King returned to present day! LMBO!!!

  17. Toya says

    I am soooo embarassed! I am from the south and most of us have decency, respect, faith, and common sense! I was confused about how to feel about the racists comments because I don’t agree with the racism but I am totally disgusted with this type of behavior in a public place. There could have been innocent children, elderly people, ministers and any other innocent person just trying to shop and they had to be exposed to this lewd behavior. If you want to screw the air do it so that others who don’t care to see it have to be forced to view it! I feel so sorry for those girls when they have to face their Maker. Especially, because I know in this day they know better!

    • um says


    • says

      I’m with you.. This is just trashy and disgusting.

    • Dj Misfit says

      Okay, at first i was just going to ignore all of this, but now i feel offended so now Im just going to make this my business. Im from the south (New Orleans in particular) to, and i see where your coming from with being embarrassed and upset that this was done in a public place and all because I feel the same way. But pounching is just a thing we do in New Orleans. This how just about all the girls and a couple of gay boys, and a few straight boys dance. We do this type stuff just for fun. And in case you didn’t know some of the women that were slaves in New orleans use to dance something similar to this, but over time we just changed it up a little. I don’t understand why everyone is getting offended by the video, because it was not meant to degrade women anyway, even little girls under the age of 10 and teenage boys around 13 dance like this in New Orleans so don’t ever take it as an offense it’s just all about having fun and expressing yourself. Also @Toya who are you to judge wether God is going to be upset by them or not. It’s not like they were striping or in a porno doing something they shouldn’t. Maybe you should point and judge those girls that be on the corner or be in the music videos in a bathing suit with a guy and his groupies pouring champagne on them.

  18. Akilah says

    …………… O.e

    smh. sh so friggen hard. -.-

  19. Lolwat says

    This is… just… terrible. *kills self*

  20. dreadedsin504 says

    First, this is the kind of thing that sets the whole world back. I speak for black people, these YOUNG boys and girls in this video are NIGGAS. Black people have way more self respect than this, but NIGGAS are very simple in their actions. No how to tell a black person from a nigga? Only nigga will enjoy this and get mad at anyone who doesn’t.

    WAKE UP!!!!!!

  21. jjbon200 says

    the comments on this video are beter then watching TV.
    no ofence to any one!

    • says

      I used to live in NOLA and have a lot of love for the city. I am of cajun decent and this video is nothing new. This is New Orleans, the original sin city. I am white and have a lot of pride in that. I also have a lot of pride in being cajun. I am not offended by this video at all (have you been to any college club). Like a few posts earlier said, “white girls get naked for beads.” I would also like to add that this is better than Jerry Springer.

  22. lawnmower says

    i just wonder who was the inside person that let this happen !!!!!! this wouldnt have happen unless they had an inside persons help.

  23. lawnmower says

    someone fixing to fired !!!!! and they need to !!!!

  24. mgty says

    U just jealous u dam racist slavery days r over….get a life n fa everyone else comment day went against da video if Mr. Ghetto wanna make thatlethim do it n anyone who was in the video that’s their problem not ours we r so quic to judge but dint realize the strain u put on a person I’m team if u don’t have nonething good to say don’t say nonething at all……

  25. janonie says

    lol ditto jjbon200 lol

  26. jjbon200 says

    reading the comments and listening to the song a the same time is FRACKING EPIC!!
    try it out!! AND SCREU CABLE!! XD

  27. mad vicous says

    i,m white and i,m lovin it

  28. wrollerguy says

    you guys need to chill. just watch the video and laugh. nuff of this white vs black business. if anyone thinks this vid represents black people, that person needs to prepare to be represented by hitler, or chris brown, or william heung. see the problem with that/ damn people. this video has 2 elements that all great internet vids need. humor, and fine girls. i can’t believe what i’m reading on this comment wall. – btw i’m an asian male. if that gives me any neutrality

  29. PHANTOMBLK says

    @say um- – Rainbow you started off pretty good then turned just as uneducated / ignorant as the ” inbred white trash ” .. remember – some of his white trash ancestors might have died fighting for your freedom ..

    It’s very funny how “they” always seems to sugar coat the fact that white people did steal us away from our homeland. “We fought for your freedom to!” yes, right after you enslaved us brutally beat,raped,and murdered our people. And because it’s in the “past” we should forget about it because it make you feel uneasy. Can’t handle to truth? you have no right to tell another group of people how they should feel towards there oppressors.

    • LOL says

      We were wrong for enslaving you but you guys had been enslaving yourselves for 100’s of years before we got their just like we were in europe So ya next time think before you comment;)

  30. jdg says

    Honestly? Do these women have no more respect for themselves than this? Forget respect for others or the place of business where this disgusting display of strip bar activity was recorded. Respect starts with the respect you show for your self and your own pride. This video just proves that respect is an UGLY word to these people.

  31. Matt says

    woooow….its a shame that there are people in this country that are still ignorant racist mother fuckers such as yourself….its people like you that hold this country back from growing and learning that we’re all equal….regardless of the color of your skin, you and everyone else (including african americans) are the same…we’re all humans, and we all came from the same first source…just remember that!! but its stupid fucks like you that give people of the south a bad rap..

    oh and by the way, im actually from south louisiana….45 minutes south of new orleans, and i can safely say that if you would have the balls to say that to someone in person, i KNOW they would murder your stupid white trash ass…fucking dumb man….grow up and get an education!!

    • LOL says

      Once again you were doing good before the “white trash ass” comment but other than the I aggree

  32. says

    I like how niggers ( black people ), Say the word nigger, is offensive, I also like how they tell white people to get educations… Ok cause we sing about walmart… right…. were the ones sitting infront of a cheap ass store, making a song about shopping at walmart.. with hood rats infront of us shaking ass… ya thats us white people, we do ignorant things like that all the time.. AMIRITE.

    • Nova_REMIX says

      And I love how such a disgusting bigot like yourself loves to judge all of the black race when you don’t even KNOW all of the black race. Educated people will tell people NO MATTER WHAT RACE to get an education. Originally, African Americans WANTED to read, but very few were privileged with that opportunity because YOUR race, THE WHITE RACE, saw that if you could read and write, you were a threat to them and they would run out of slaves. I will admit that this is an embarrassment to my race because I find this ignorant, but don’t you DARE judge the African-American race as a whole as if ALL of us sing songs in the kids section and toiletries section of Wal-Mart. You sound just as blatantly stupid and ignorant. And I’m sorry if any educated Caucasians felt uncomfortable, but facts are facts. You’re not right so shut the hell up and sit your ass down. Better yet, crawl back under the bridge you belong since you want to call yourself a troll.

      • Chris says

        Now we pay to educate, feed, house and give medical attention to black people. Notice they still do this shit.

        We give you jobs, in front of qualified white people and you still sit on wellfare, having babies selling drugs to your own people. You were slaves, we gave you your freedom (notice, you didn’t fight for it) and now you have taken the opportunities you were given and have squandered them. If I was black I would be ashamed.

        Not all blacks are like this, mind you. There are some that have moved beyond this kind of repulsive behavior. Cheers to them.

  33. quee says

    man this how we get down in neworleans , so stop hating they did they thang

  34. hey guys says

    i find this easy to masturbate to

  35. Little LB says

    That trashy hoodrat did not just put panties on over her shorts in the middle of the store….smh…..this video is trash and actually kind of funny but at the same time horrifying. They are actually at walmart doing this. And the funniest thing is these trash bag cum dumpsters probably creamed at the chance to be a rap video vixen! And whats up with their matching 99 cent outfits?! LOL!! panty panty panty panty panty panty HOE!!

  36. says

    Put a shamwow on that ass, line some cars up, and put that biotch to work! PIMPIN.

  37. dia says

    this video is ment to be seen as ridiculous…and a little over the top…but the comments about this being degrading..and the varied use of the word “nigger” well everyone is intitled to his or her own opinion…even though i took offense to the commet made by @Whitepride its just as ignorant to even indulge in what he said people of that sort only make those comments to get a rize out of people….i myself is of african desent so i am not giving him the pleasure of me ranting and raving…and its just so silly that people are still thinkin in that perpective but there is nothing we can do but tolerate and forgive them for there ignorant and foolish behavior

    • LOL says

      Amen your comment is the best!!!

  38. panda says

    lolz. I’m asian and it made me horny. XD

  39. Hatesyouall says

    First off, there is a difference between “black” people and “Niggers” these people in the video, they are niggers. People who act like they have sense are “Black” people. And honestly just because no white girls shake ass in music videos I have seen girls at my school who does that shit on a daily basis. I am black the people in this video are niggers, get it right ok? So for all the stupid racist can’t determine the different type of people in this world honestly need to die. Just get past what you see and look deeper.

  40. says

    yall need to shud up nd for dha white ppl stop being racist kuz dhere is a one point n time where yall had whore4s like dhat so shudd up

    • LOL says

      I guess that means its your turn to have whores:)

  41. NonRacistMountainWhitey says

    Don’t let chumps like WhitePride give us white people from the mountains a bad name. Bounce is the shit. New Orleans is the shit.

    If you’re offended by this video, sit your uptight ass down and go watch Glenn Beck. Nobody’s making those girls dance like that. They’re doing it cuz it’s fun. This video (and bounce in general) is nothing but people throwing down and having fun.


  42. jack says


  43. jack says


  44. Love_Being_Black says

    THIS IS MEANT TO BE A JOKE! If anyone doesn’t see that this is satirical and actually thinks that this is a realistic portrayal of the everyday black american you are indeed very ignorant and need to broaden your horizons and interact with people from other cultures, maybe evenb take a black history class or two. And about the Louisianna card-most white sepreamacist are in fact poor and uneducated, and ignorant.

  45. Love_Being_Black says

    THIS IS MEANT TO BE A JOKE! If anyone doesn’t see that this is satirical and actually thinks that this is a realistic portrayal of the everyday black american you are indeed very ignorant and need to broaden your horizons and interact with people from other cultures, maybe even take a black history class or two. And about the Louisianna card-most white sepreamacist are in fact poor and uneducated, and ignorant.

  46. Real NIGGA says

    u punk lil bitches go eat a cock lil nigga cracker wit ur 1 inch dick everybody goes to wal mart cracker

    • LOL says

      What is “nigga cracker”

  47. A&M says

    LOVIN IT- from two white girls who wanna learn how to booty clap like dat. GO HEAD GIRLZ

  48. says

    I like it I mean wt can u say its n.o bounce. The only thing missing was the money bein thrown lol

  49. ahnishaa says


  50. gekoe says

    hell yeah nigga run that shit fuck the haters

  51. mind altered says

    This just shows the level of degredation that a person of color will accept to garner a little fame. As a black man I am offended and outraged because this will do more harm than good. I see people here of color holding this up as good and I know without question your mind is still undeveloped and your thoughts are still lightweight. Knowledge truly is power and without it we will continue to see this type of repulsive and idiotic thing continue. Without knowledge of self and without mentorship from generations past there will always be this type of perversion. Each One Teach One and it stops today!

  52. says

    i love this video it is kinda degraging the black race but hey if u not in the video y u worried i think i funny that they put their self out there like that so worry bout yourself and not others

  53. Chanel says

    You wanna know what this is? A damn SHAME.
    Not only to Hip-Hop, but to music in general!
    Who goes into a Walmart and does something like this?
    I don’t see nobody but African American people doing this…
    That’s another thing, what has this world come to where you go to the internet and watch TV and this is what you see, people shaking their behinds uncontrollably!
    Mm mm mm.
    -___- .

  54. cody says

    what is this fuckery?

  55. Chris says

    What a bunch of silly nigger apes. If black people ever evolve beyond this kind of thing, maybe they will get somewhere.

    • Pissed off at Chris says

      Dude wtf with the racist comment! I’ll admit this video was stupid, but that doesn’t mean you need to trash the whole black race!. Just because a few group of people who did this video happen to be black doesn’t mean every black person is like this. Wow, what would you say if they were white, or mexican, or asian? wow.. racist dumbass

      • smdh chris says

        not all black people are like this some are really nice, and im biracial but i do consider my self white cause of how i grew up and i dont like rap my friend showed me this, i think its dumb the girls dancing but the songs funny, damn smile god loves yu keep ur racial shit to your self

    • claire says

      hey chris what about the fucking president of the united states. did it ever cross your mind that you are the un-educated retard in this situation because you obviously think that all colored people do this whole walmart thing. no, that is the stupidest assumtion ive ever herd. do you live under a god damn rock???

  56. Malikai says

    This is absolutely ridiculous

  57. LOL says

    Still… better than Nicki Minaj

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  59. 1,247,359 views says

    1,247,359 views??????????????…1,247,359 views ?????

  60. red dead redemption says

    go 2 Walmart and buy ass

    • dumbasses says


  61. Anna Molly says

    This video really spoke to me… Tells me I need to start shopping at Target…

    • Dr.305666305 says

      shopping at Target and publix,,and,,at a mexican market…

  62. Dr.305666305 says


  63. **publix** says

    What the Hell, next is .publix. Target. best buy ..the mexican market. dollar store . walgreens.
    all of the gas station’s…tattoo shops..AND THE met market …wtf is wrong with this country.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. nigga moment says

    A big nigga moment.::::I saw this black dude step on another black guy’s Timberlands, and the guy pulled a knife! Talk about a nigga moment.”+ A moment where ignorance overwhelms the logic of an otherwise rational negro man.,,nigga stop Or nigga please…Lol

  65. pete kain says

    This was the video was str8 fucking retarted, this fool must have been on drugs. What in the hell was he thinking? I’ll give hime props on the girls but the song was stupid.

  66. Demetria says

    i like the song! i dont really care for the video though. i can get jiggy with these. wally wally wally wally wally wally wally world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. says

    biggest piece of shit. WTF really? Black folk always wanna be respected but then you make a video like this… I’m glad i’m Dominican and not black cause this shit is fucking ridiculous.

  68. college girl says

    @whitepride ok ppl will do wht they want how they want. its dancing dancing is different to everyone everywhere. get over it if you dont like it dont watch and keep your mouth shut. i can shake my ass and yes im white when i go to the club i twerk my ass on a dude because i can. you make me sick. you are portaying white ppl in a bad way because we arent all arrogant racists like you. keep your opinion to yourself. and i agree i doubt youd ever say this crap to any of their faces. humans are humans no matter what color and you have no right to disrespect anyone because of the color of their skin. oh and i date mixed and black boys you got a problem with tht? i dont care! have a nice day!

  69. justin bieber's interracial sex tape says

    being a jewish man/woman raised by a german black & white pack of wolves, i can relate to your levels of discrimination. when i was 15 years old during the Holocaust/Exodus/LA Riots, i witnessed first hand how cruel people can be to one another. Right before my eyes I saw nazis/hebrews/whites/blacks enslave/part seas/the beating of rodney king. ALL DAT HORRIBLE SHIT FOO! Damn…luckily 3,000 years later they invented the Bowflex & hydroxycut! I got into the best shape of my life! Nutrisystem didnt really work. And thats how the microscope was invented. Go out and get yo pap smears yall! trim dem hedges!
    -tina the tranny

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  71. Emillie says

    Ugh! This is a disgrace to black women and black ppl everywhere THAT’S WHY DONT SHOP AT WAL-MART DISGRACE!!

  72. no name says

    can u imagine the amount of diseases that those girls have. any man gettin some from that should wear 10 rubbers or else his man parts might just fall off. makes me shutter just thinking about it. ewwwwwwwwwwwww women like that give all women a bad name. bunch of f@#%ing whores

  73. Mel says

    Everyone’s a hypocrite, as well as ignorant, to some extent. This thread is one of many examples that proves it.

  74. Wallmart & Black Booty Lover says

    Wally wally wally wally wally wally wally wally wally wally world!!!!

    Can I meet a black girl like those girls at Walmart? Where I live there is just hillbillies, and obease white women with teeth missing from all the crack they smoke. I want some black booty!!! That video made me so horny! Any black girls who love white cock, reply back to me, I love da booty! Jungle booty wins over all races of women hands down any day and I love doggy style!

  75. says

    This Is Sick! They Ought To Be Ashamed Of Theirselves. Ugh. They Make Me Want To Puke. Ugh Like Thats Just Nasty. I Reeeaaalllyyy Hope Someone Is Telling Them That. Lol they Need To Understand That They Look Like Hoes. And If They Werent Embarrassed By The NORMAL People Looking At Them In Disgust (Most Likely) Then Idk What The Fuck Is Wrong With Them. Ugh. If Yuu Know Those Girls and those Guys Please Let Them Know That That Wasnt cute AT ALL. Blech.

  76. SLFEMP says

    This is Hilarious

  77. Mirage says

    I dont care what type of music it is. it’s stupid. Theres no creativity. No Originality. It makes no sense. Its a JOKE. There’s no way this guy can seriously think that this would due good for his non-existent career. It’s just fucking annoying!

  78. Ready for Rapture says

    Wow. . . we thought things were bad in the 60’s. But reading these posts, it’s clear to me whites and blacks had more respect for each other back then. Some people just don’t get it.

  79. BeccaDeadly says

    I guess I must be white trash because I adore this song. For all those people who are posting racist comments, shut it. I am 16, white, live an hour or so from New Orleans, and I love New Orleans Bounce music. I laughed so hard when Mom made me listen to it, but right now I’m abusing the Replay button because Bounce music is so damn catchy. Everyone who wants to say it’s not catchy and you’re not going to go “Wally, wally, wally, wally, wally, wally, wally, wally world” are lying. I was singing this at school between classes because it was stuck in my head. :) Bounce music will last, no matter what these ignorant people say.

  80. Brewster says

    Chill out with all that unnecessary commenting stuff. Stop taking this so seriously. It ain’t have nothing to do with racism or nothing. It’s just for fun. New Orleans Bounce, dude. It’s a satire. Do you know what that is? If you’re offended then get over it.

  81. Vickersnickers says

    another reason to shop at target

  82. says


    WHO DAT BEEEACHEZ and this is a white dude typing

  83. shameshameshame says

    this video is pure fuckery dumbass shit people have to much time on they hands old fat ass nigga need to get a job instead of makin stripper videos

  84. orly says

    One thing I need when I’m on welfare is lingerie. Stupid blacks. …

    • whiteeeyy says

      fucckkkk uuuuu

  85. dumbasses says

    im black well reaallllyyyy light skinned (MY WHOLE FAMS WHITE <3 ) but ii consider myself white TOO &&& this video is one reason why SMGDH

  86. dumbasses says

    i ment to add mixed instead of “black” O: but eff rap countrys where its at.!

  87. OpenToIt says

    I don’t care what ya’ll say. I just watched the whole video and now I want me a black girlfriend.

  88. Remy says

    Dear God…. Just a few more Katrinas to finish what you started… PLEASE?
    I’m from New Orleans and am embarrassed that N.O. Bounce is in a city so full of REAL culture and music (Jazz, Blues, Zydeco anyone?)

  89. Andie Boyd says

    To all of you fu*kless, whiners of both sexes…This country has been built upon our ‘freedoms’. Freedom of speech is one of our American Rights. You whiners…If it were up to all of you, we would all look alike, dress alike, keep our heads down (afraid to make eye contact with others for fear of offending them)…Eat no-fat, low fat, sugar free, meat free, and would all fart talcum powder! If you whiners could move your low-fat asses like that, your significant others would never stray!

  90. That random guy says

    wow considering all the people here has watched the video (assuming this because it would be ignorant to post on a video you’ve never seen) There’s something you liked about this video because normally when a person doesn’t like an object or thing they don’t continue using/viewing/eating it. Because you actually sat there and watched the entire video weather it’s in disgust or enjoyment, you still watched it. I don’t care if your black or white *I’m black by the way* a girl shaking her butt will be attractive to you *guys* and the song may be catchy to you *for girls/guys alike* personally i wouldn’t date one of these ladies because i fear what they may have *cough* but it’s not just the black girls doing stuff like this. The main reason you see black women doing stuff like this is because they were born with the tools to do this. Sure some white women have big butts but the ones that do are probably not gonna do this so that big butt will never be bounced. Many Many black females have big butts so it’s more common to see them doing this because almost all of them have it. I have seen many videos of white girls shaking what little they have, and most porn stars are white. Yes people they are white. You are probably going to say that it doesn’t matter because it’s different somehow but cut the crap. It is not different it’s worse at least these girls had the decency to cover up some parts. I could go on about this but i’m already bored so someone else pick up where i left off.

  91. booty says

    nice ass :)

  92. PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPospiesznyski says

    Since when has dancing like sluts in Wal Mart considered hott?!?

  93. Nickole says

    What the fuck!?!?!?!?! This has nothing to with fuckin wal-mart, it’s just a bunch of nasty ass hoes shaking their a$$. Holy shit you must have no self respect for yourself if you just go up in a walmart and walk through shaking your ass like you ow the place. Man people are so stupid. Wow i could just go on and on about this video..OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. los says

    stupidest shit i have ever seen this dude needs to shoot himself.

  95. lolwut says

    Dumb Niggers…

  96. Anonymous says

    I might as well make a rap about what the hell im ordering next time i drive to wendy’s… this bitch is fuckin stupid i swear… This shows the education level of today’s society -__-

  97. black and white says


    first off its a song. Its a gimmick; in no way “defining” black CULTURE. It’s one mans out look on where to find women. He does not represent all black people nor does he put them or anyone else to shame. It’s a song that says he can find a woman in walmart.

    OMG women are shaking their booties! SO WHAT? Grow the F@#K up. They have choice and made a choice as a individual not as a RACE nor as a CULTURE. whether you are white black hispanic asian or w.e if you made a video like that you would be apart of that culture.

    Culture is not defined solely by RACE but by a group of individuals way of life. Whether he is poor or not he made a video that he felt was tasteful and should not be judged in any way he did not depict WOMEN as a whole gender to be ghetto booty shakers. He had 2 WOMEN portray themselves in that manner.

    The problem with today’s society is that it is too vague. We generalize everything and speak for everyone else except ourselves. WE ALL HAVE BAD HABITS AND DISGUSTING WAYS.

    90% of you pick your nose and wipe it in places you’ll touch again forgetful of your previous nose picking and dispensing moment.
    65% of you males on this page thought about receiving anal intercourse.
    some of you probably bathe once a day or every other.

    which are all distasteful statements to someone. if @whitepride does not like black people or feels to degrade them. Then that is is opinion, not that it is correct but why indulge in an argument with ignorance? that makes you ignorant yourself and susceptive to being provoked into foolish behaviour because of foolish behaviour.

    if you don’t like the video simply refrain from clicking it or anything else like it. Change your filter on your searches if you have to.

    There are more starving white children in the world than any other race.
    There are more disease found in the Caucasian race than any other.
    Black people have been forgotten while jews have been receiving reparation for the holocaust which was not even a minor fragment of the blacks that were murdered due to slavery.
    Black people are just as racist.
    Black people age better.
    White people are very ambitious
    no one SHOULD use the word NIGGER in any form. But they do so deal with it. set an example through your actions.

    Not everything will be tasteful to you but it may have a positive effect on some1 else. They world isn’t hear to please you.

    We don’t see things as they are; We see things as WE are.
    so the man who despises something different is tormented because he must despise himself since he also is different.

    • White says

      I agree completely. However, my opinion of this video is that it is trashy.

    • Michelle says

      I agree with you to some extent but where are you getting your statistics from & why would you go there. I am mixed. Each of my grandparents were from a different country & settled in the West Indies where I was born. Please know I consider myself Black. We have a history steeped in slavery but also a society of many, many cultures that each celebrate & respect the others cultures, religions etc. At one point we were known as the most cosmopolitan country on earth. I am an American citizen now. What I don’t get is that there was an Asia slavery & discrimination & massacres in the United States too. There was other minority groups slavery & discrimination & massacres. What about the indigenous people of the US, the Indians, the same history. Look at how America treats the Mexicans now, look back in history, it’s repeating itself. It’s sad that a music video is bring all of this up but here’s my thought process, Take a good look at those other cultures, they stick together, they invest in each other, they help each other out in their communities to start & run businesses, they perpetuate their faiths in their communities. Most often there is peacefulness and cohesiveness & most definitely a strong work ethic. They know their history, they don’t dwell on it. Look around us. In my business I travel a lot & am exposed to the airline & hotel industry. Does anyone know that the hotel industry, the Ramadas, the Holiday Inns, the Howard Johnsons, etc are being bought out and taken over by Indians from East Indian. I travel to India, these people are dirt poor, literally living in feces (that is no exaggeration), they come to the States, entire families, work hard, pool their monies & put as many as their family members in business as they can. Has anyone noticed that they’re buying up the Dunkin Donuts & Subway Sandwich stores, little by little? Look at the American Indians, I live in Ft.Lauderdale Florida & pretty close to the Seminole Indian lands & their Hard Rock Hotel compound, one of the nicest & most opulent in the area & where many superstars visit (black & white) & yes where Anna Nicole Smith spent her last days but that fact is so faint in their legacy. They have their own schools, stores, housing developments, police force etc. Another culture that asserted itself in a more constructive manner to get what is due them & they continue to build & grown & take care of THEIR society. Look at a lot of the African communities that immigrate from AFRICA, they do the same exact thing! The Ethiopians, the Senegalese, the Liberians, Cape Verdeans, they all do the same thing & they are coming out of recent oppression themselves (not just their ancestors) they are victims of slavery & massacres; mothers who saw their children murdered before their eyes, children who witness the killings of their, parent, grandparents, children coming to the USA as heads of their households & each of these African groups taken care of their own. Running businesses & assisting others to do the same. The Jews…ah the Jews. They are some of the smartest of all. They buy up more & more land in the US right in black communities under our noses, while we’re fighting each other & the government for reparations & booty shaking. Take a look at Brooklyn, NY and know what the funny thing is the blacks conduct their lives, right around those Jews getting pushed out more & more & they respect those Jews & do work for them but continue to shoot up each other & run their gang & booty shake around the Jewish Community. Instead of trying to learn from them & copy what they do. If the modern day African can come here & succeed, so too can the African American & my New Orleans Americans. Turn a negative into a true POSITIVE. Leave a rich legacy & history, clean up that history, brighten it up for our children, our future. I really am saddened every time I hear things like, “we have a right to be angry”, yes we do, now move one, “only we can call ourselves N*****s”, why, “they owe it to me”, “ama git mine” & sometimes you gittin yours by taking from, killing our own people; brothers & sisters. I mean, really, come on! My American African people you are your own worst enemy. And why waste time arguing with the folks declaring themselves to be white on here, you show yourselves to be no better by entertaining their fears & allowing it to show your ignorance by cursing & carrying on. Prove them WRONG!
      Before anyone starts coming after me let me tell you about myself beyond my intro. I am an immigrant here that had to fight for my residency & citizenship. Along the way, although I came educated from the West Indies with a British education, I had to start over or let me say way under, babysitting, cleaning homes, working below minimum wage for years & with no immediate family to rely on for most of that time. Once I got my resident ALIEN status I went looking for jobs & had a good run of it. I had the bright idea to work for an airline & have to say was fortunate enough to get a job with one that had a major government contract so I transported American troops all over the world including to Saudi Arabia & back in those days to Iraq. I’ve flow missions operating the Last Official Flight out of Somalia after that black hawk helicopter was shot down & the decision was made to take the troops out of Modadishu. We ended up landing & taking off under gunfire. I was so young & fearless & probably stupid back then that beside the pride that we all felt flying the troops out. There was an excitement. Obviously because of the war we had to stay in nearby Djibouti (East Africa) for a few days & that was an amazing experience in itself. No of us had ever heard of this place and we did get silly calling ‘Your booty’. Jabooty, it really is pronounced “Jibouty” the ‘D’ is silent. Let me say to my American African brothers & sisters out there that when I was there I was completely single out by these Djiboutians & the few Ethiopians that live there. I was ‘FOREING” to them & was not of African descent so far as they were concerned. There was one incident where I was circled like prey in a bar by a Djiboutian woman & as I stood there frozen, she touched my hair, the skin on my arms, my clothes, went past, circling looking my face my eyes. I could hear one of my colleagues whispering in fear “oh my God, she’s touching your hair.” My fear only lasted a little while cause, I realized she was just trying to figure me out. We laughed about that for many years later, we still do. And no, they were not running around in the jungle, this was in a bar & they wore western style clothes & there were other cultures on the Island. It wasn’t until I started speaking to a man the day we were leaving that I realized how different I was. He was staring me down the same way & going past me looking out the corner of his eyes. I finally said ‘Hello” & his first response to me with his deep African voice & accent was, “What are YOU?!?” I was shocked but calm & I answered & told him my heritage up to that point I thought I looked black! Once I explained, oh my goodness, he kept running back & forth bringing me gifts. It was an amazing experience. I tell this story for all those who like to say “we all Black”, “we all African American’ Try going to some African countries talking that ignorance too. We went on from there and flew on to Mogadishu.
      I’ve done several refugee flights from taking those same Somalian refugees out of Kenya where they were brought to since no one could go into Somalia & the kids (& some of the people were mortified by me too but after my experience in Djibouti I understood why) we did Russian refugee flights, & believe it or not we did Iraqi refugee flights bringing them out of the Sahara desert back into the USA. This was in the mid 90s & during Desert storm Desert Shield for which we also transported American Military into Kuwait. Yeas the America Military is moved most often by regular airlines & flown all over the world. And all the while I’m doing these refugee flights & taking American Military into warzones I was still fighting to justify why I should be a citizen of American. I hadn’t planned to write such a dissertation as this but it just flowed but finally let me say I am still in the travel business & travel to Israel a couple times a month. If I started on this one now, we would be here another few days but at least if anyone would second guess they rest free in knowing I know what I’m talking about. Let me just say that country is beautiful & those of us that chose to operate those flight love being there & there are a lot of Ethiopian Jew refugees there. They take in their own too regardless of color. I wish the day would come, when my African American cousins would start copying the good habits of the other oppressed culture, peoples & societies around them. And trust me as a West Indian raised in many cultures, our African heritage was & is very much celebrated & not many other cultures can party & dance and shake our booties too & drink our liquors but there is a different sense of ethics in a lot of ways & don’t see why that should be. “Our past in no way shape or form should dictate our futures. It is up to us to reshape, remold it, and define it”. Dance & have a good time but be productive & respectful & mindful of the little ones looking on at us & what we’re leaving behind for them.

  98. nonya says

    dude im a true new orleanian we cant stand lookin at this shit either . bounce is our music but he fucking it up. son we cant stand that nigga or them hoes cuz they giv us a fucked up name so watch those fuckin comments ya fuckin dig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. The Rude Dutchman says

    This is absolutely fantastic, bounce music at his best!!

  100. says

    They Ought To Be Ashamed Of

  101. says

    gess wat fuk all yall cuz i am from new orleans and wee thnk that the song is dam good SOOO ALL YALL CAN SUCK MHA BIG DICK
    ………………………………………GET UY SUM

    • says

      o iight dats we feel N.O aldey minnie outtah here@##$%

  102. says

    girl yall sum crzy (=juwuan.edwina=)

  103. WTH says

    what was going through your head at the time child

  104. Hollywood says

    I love this video, LA girl giving new Orleans props.

  105. Earl Robinson says

    Yo! Due, its like tha? Wow let me know what wal-mart, so i can go their. Hey! I’m from Baton Rouge, and i am looking for beauitful big booty black or even latinowomen to meet, do u recordmen Bar & grill place. Also I’m a brother in my forties; fruthermore your video is great! Now that is the type of booty i like. Thank you! And u an ur crew & Family have a bless day. Earl! Bella?

  106. kiko e saki ta says

    thats the only ting ,,i hear,,wally wally wally. wally world?,,,,stupit…..i am from curacao i like rap to…but this nothing,,i see 3 girls dansing,,and i listen ,,wally wally wally wally world,,what a hell was that.

  107. WhitePowerGirl says

    What a bunch of fucking BLACK WHORES!!!!

  108. steven watts says

    yo dude don’t you know little kids go to walmart they don’t need to see thats shit if me and my wife and daughter went to walmart and i saw this i’d be pissed as hell and beat your ass for it show some respect for the kids dude if you have a problem with what i have said here you can e-mail me

  109. awesome :) says



  110. geez_r1 says

    im disgusted i how little shame people have nowadays……..

  111. Swag says

    this is why black people are not respected. whats next ms ghetto target, a bunch of niggas sagging their pants off their asses

    • Swag says

      they are the definition of ratchets

  112. Swag says

    they are the definiton of ratchets

  113. MissC01 says

    This is just meant to be entertaining people…gosh. Stop taking it so seriously. And for all of you people saying that this is what every black person does, then you must be living in the smallest white community ever.

  114. TheLaLa says

    the reactions to this are the same as the prude reactions white people had when they first saw belly dancing i dont know how many centuries ago. in Jamaica they have wining, in Barbados they wuk up, in Belize they do punta punta, and they all come from the same west African dance. if this makes you embarrassed to be black, then don’t look up the traditional dances of Africa.. mapouka, chakacha, niiko, oh my.. lots of booty dances all hip movements. but theyre respected there. stop being so sexist. yes, those little shorts are innapropriate. but that’s nothing new for America. just look at how bikinis are.. shoot, in Brasil the samba dancers do it all in a thong.

  115. pssshhhhh says

    i too live in new orleans. this song is stupid. bounce music on the whole is a bunch of repetitive noises. the people who make it are neither talented nor creative. everyone that stands up for it can barely spell the word ‘bounce’. the ones that can spell it can only attribute it to seeing the word on all the cds that theyve bought from the ‘musicians’ selling that shit out of their car in gas station parking lots.

  116. Cornelius says

    I LOVE BOUNCE!!! Mississippi boy here and if you don’t understand the southern culture don’t comment on it. It takes different strokes for different folks. Just because some people rather go shake their ass til 5 in the morning to some crunk ass tranny bi-sexual doesn’t make them any less talented or creative. It’s just how some people have fun. I mean half of you people reading or commenting are probably into the dub step “movement” going on and that is some of the most tasteless music i’ve ever laid ears on…and guess what i went to a durpstep show and had fun…that doesn’t mean I’m going to start jamming it. The point is a well developed opinion can only be formed form an experience.


  117. Taylor says

    Kinda catchy…

  118. raven says

    Omg. Why did they even let them in dressed like that??

  119. Tablescratcher says

    She got Louisiana Purchase!!! HAHAHA! 😛

  120. Joe American says

    Just two girls, who would not be out of place in most any American Wallmart, they would get a tree second look from most customers.

    The real issue is the baby mamma lifestyle, this is the real complaint.

    An example, a young girl who works as a stripper (makes more than most doctors and lawyers) parties has kids by three different dads who provide no support, then we are expected to support her and put up with her aggressive, drama oriented, foul attitude to boot. Main stream media would shame us for thinking this is a bad thing. Being shamed for wanting to avoid such people. Being shamed for feeling badly for being treated badly. Being shamed for not wanting to support someone who lives a lifestyle of producing many kids with minimal investment in there rearing and expecting me to pay for it all.

    The baby mama lifestyle is affecting about 70% of blacks and about half of the rest. Because this lifestyle IS GOVERNMENT SPONSERED (this is well understood by political strategist) it has created a whole new incentive system which it is also a good bribe to get votes.

    This government distortion of incentives makes the ghetto lifestyle seem ok because the natural immediate negative consequences are covered by government handouts. Without the government the baby mamma lifestyle normally leads to crushing poverty and often even higher birth rate.

  121. Deathbydesighn says

    You know damn well this’d song was bangin!!!!!


  1. […] *shrugs* I was not a part of that GNO, somehow. Couple things though: a) As I get older I feel hotter, not worse about myself. Expectations be damned and since I don't think I'm alone on this, I don't think it's fair to say that being older means you have a lower physical self-esteem. b) I didn't get the impression that these women were doing it with strangers, but with/on friends. In public, with strangers watching maybe. c) It's up to each couple to determine "disrespectful" imo. ReformedHubby and his wife think it is. My husband probably would get a huge kick out of it if it was my friends and I (or, in RH's case, just my friends.) For the record, while I may have mastered the twerk, I very rarely do it in public. Only at Walmart. […]

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