Mysonne Gives Lil B A SHOTGUN BLAST! [Video]

Mysonne vs Lil B beef picture
Mysonne gives Lil B a shotgun blast. Mysonne has absolutely no respect for Lil B’s hustle. He personally thinks Lil B is a clown and disgrace to the face of Hip-Hop. Mysonne says, “Lil B represents ignorance, with no morals.”

I intentionally didn’t post the non-sense publicity stunt — Lil B will be calling his upcoming album, I’m Gay — but I don’t necessarily agree with all of Mysonne’s opinions either. What’s your take on this?


  1. Ace says

    And Not A Single Fuck…….Was Given This Day

  2. Ace says

    LOL What The Fuck was he talking about? What the hell is this, a wrestling promo? LOL Oh My God

  3. dmfslimm says

    and you know what, he is right. i tried to get into the lil nigga music. it just dont do it for me. maybe im getting older but shit if a nigga like me that eat, wake up, sleep and live hip hop cant feel it, it might not be for me. “base for your face” is ok, but shit, just for the beat and jean grey. lil b is wack. but next year round this time, we will all see where lil b is at.

  4. bullets says

    Lil B is a clown I totally agree aside from production I think he has absolutely no rapping skill or musical talent seeing as production just means sample and loop..I’ve tried to listen to lil B I’ve heard freestyles lol his funny songs all that ellen degenerous crap and his attempt at being serious angels exodus and motivation the niga is wack he not nice at all and has this bs pseudo persona of being a conscious rapper He’s all gimmick his songs dont even really have points to them but at the same time mysonne is corny for even talking about lil B’s corny ass because he’s corny too who cares if you live hiphop the fact of the matter is there are far more idiots than intellects in the world and Lil B is proof of this but as far as “dissing” him who cares just make better songs and there wont be room for any lil B’s….


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