NataLIE Nunn GOES OFF on Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose on Ustream! [Video]

Natalie Nunn ustream rant

Natalie Nunn goes on a Ustream rant against Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose.

“At the end of the day if you have something to say…all due respect, say what you got to say. But at the end of the day, your new sh*t was my sloppy seconds,” Nunn said.

Here’s pics when things were all good: Wiz Khalifa TONGUING and KISSING Miss Natalie Nunn!!


  1. nickyg says

    this bitch is retarded this story was pointless all i heard was im a bad bitch yadadameeen i dont give a fuckkk i dont give a fuckk SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DUMB BITTER BITCH NO ONE CARES AMBER ROSE IS BANGIN

  2. says

    how she gonna say he kept tryna to get her to smoke the blunt, nigga don’t smoke blunts.

  3. Jessica C. says

    Umm, after this video, and the media, u will NOT be successful in the corporate world! Sorry, Epic #FAIL. If all else fails, you will be a bum because no corporate industry will hiqher someone like natalie…LMAO

  4. Little LB says

    Im an athlete, Im an ATHLETE BEOTCH!! OMG, I could only stand her for 5 minutes, then Im done. I saw this whore on bad grils club. This is the FAKEST B there is ya’ll. #1 – BEWARE of anyone who has to sit there and constantly say, Im real, Im real IM REAL! Those are the fakest people around. #2 – this chick has is and always will be a star chaser, a star Fu cker. She LAME as hell, annoying as hell. Be gone! Now shes dating YC. And she acts like she doesnt give a F about any of these people or anything, then why is she always getting with up and comings?

  5. ambrielle says

    Natalie is such a bum bitch chasing cash. She keeps bragging about her “two” degrees but doesnt know how to speak correct english FYI its Converse NOT Convesate dumb bitch. Natalie has two degrees alright she got one with her mouth and the other lying on her back!!!!!! The funny and sad thing is that she really thinks she is somebody and doesnt realize that no one “Gives a Fuck”‘ about her Ghetto Ass.


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