FINALLY! Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim RAP Battle… Parody! [Video]

Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim rap Battle picture
Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim — It’s the long-awaited rap battle on wax! It’s the Queen Bee vs. the Harajuku Barbie. Lil Kim goes first — followed by Nicki Minaj — who do you think won the rap battle? Check out the parody here! lol @ they got Nicki Minaj’s style and flow down precisely!

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  1. Talicious says

    LOL!!! hahahahaa…

  2. rochelle says

    That ish was hilarious.

  3. tymcm104 says

    funnny but i luv nicki kim rap was wack dw

  4. Jake says

    This was hella funny but in Real life nicki would scrape kim ass!

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